Painting to Exterior Concrete Block Walls

in East Boston, MA

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About this Concrete Block Painting Project

Commercial buildings in the Boston area often feature a  concrete block wall on one or all of their sides. Our Client, a popular restaurant in East Boston called us because they wanted to beautify their concrete block rear and sides, remove peeling paint and minimize water intrusion inside the building. We completed this painting service in just 3 days.

Numerous factors continuously work against concrete walls and floors: age, foot traffic, equipment being moved from place to place, moisture intrusion, and our New England climate that has numerous freeze/thaw cycles.  All of these factors make concrete block walls (also called CMU walls for “Concrete Masonry Units”) less water resistant and sometimes just plain ugly.


Condition of Facility:

The concrete walls were peeling. Some areas were bare, and a few were so permeable that water was getting to the inside of the building causing interior damage.

Project Involvement:

Bare spots were primed using Sherwin Williams’ Lexon Primer. We then used Sherwin Williams’ Resilience Paint as a top coat.

One concrete block wall was completely bare, and water was leaking inside the restaurant. For this wall, we took a different strategy and painted on two coats of Lexon XP. This paint is thicker, and 2 coats of the Lexon XP coating helped to make the concrete block less permeable by water and ultimately more water-resistant. This coating stopped the water from leaking through the concrete block and onto the inside of the restaurant walls.

Special Challenges:

We did most of our work in the morning and early afternoon, so the restaurant’s busy dinner-hour business was not affected.

Before & After Photos

Below you can check out the before and after of this restaurant painting service. Click on any image to zoom in.

Before Painting

Before Painting

After Painting

After Painting