Painting and maintaining your facility is a big undertaking. Here’s how to plan for it.
Commercial Painting

Painting and maintaining your facility is a big undertaking. Here’s how to plan for it.

Posted on March 20, 2023

Just like the scheduled maintenance that’s recommended for your car, your facilities run better when they’re well maintained. Proper painting and upkeep aren’t just cosmetic improvements, they help turbocharge your brand and make a positive impression with your customers and employees.

So, what are the most important things to consider before you take on your next commercial painting project?

Get more mileage out of your commercial painting budget. Hire the right contractor.

We all know that a colleague’s or friend’s recommendations can be a better predictor of success than a random internet search. Look at your professional association’s website, maximize their member directory’s discussion boards and ask those in your network to see which commercial painters they recommend.

Or use your LinkedIn connections by using search terms like Property Managers or Facility Managers. Then message them to see if they have a list of local painting contractors they recommend. Have multiple facilities in your area or in different states? Look for a contractor that can be your single-source for local or national painting, whether in the U.S. or Canada.

Then, once you’ve compiled your short list of commercial painting companies, look for online reviews to help you make your decision.

Next, set a budget. Here’s some tips.

  1. Regularly put money aside. Say you’re responsible for painting your businesses’ condominiums or townhouses every few years. Plan for this maintenance cycle by setting aside monthly maintenance fees so you’re prepared when it’s time for your project. How much should you be socking away? See tip #2.
  2. Meet with a painting expert in your area. Meeting with a commercial painting contractor will give you an informed idea of the projects you need to consider. Does your retail store or restaurant need interior and exterior updating every few years to stay in compliance? An expert will be able to help you set aside a predictable sum, so you’re prepared when the time comes.

Know what painting trends to adopt and which to skip?. It makes a difference.

Noticed that homes for sale in your neighborhood are being painted white with black trim? That’s not a coincidence. Realtors know that their clients are attracted to that color combination and that those homes sell faster. The same concept applies to commercial properties, like offices or apartments. Call it the Instagram factor. You want your company’s brand to look professional and yes, worthy of your customers’ and employees’ attention.

If your local or regional painting company is worth their salt, they will be able to steer you toward trend-forward or timeless options.

Safety should never be an afterthought.

The painting company you choose shouldn’t just act and dress professionally, they need to have the safety of your customers, employees and vendors always top of mind. For example, if you’re responsible for a senior living facility, how will the work be done to maximize the security of the residents with the least amount of disruption to the daily routine of the facility? What signage will the painters provide to keep guests away from work areas? Can the work be scheduled after hours or when foot traffic is lower?

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