CertaPro Painters® helps property manager save more than 60% on yearly painting costs
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CertaPro Painters® helps property manager save more than 60% on yearly painting costs

Posted on October 18, 2023

Copaken Brooks Plaza Colonnade Office Tower ExteriorCopaken Brooks is a real estate developer with a portfolio in Kansas City Missouri that includes a Class A office tower. In addition to offices, this exclusive building houses the Kansas City Public Library, as well as retail, and restaurants. Twice a year, the building’s property manager contracts with CertaPro Painters® to freshen up the interiors and repair any damage to the walls. But this year was different.

That’s because CertaPro Painters Commercial Sales Associate, Barry Burson, had a better idea. He suggested solutions that took into account how one of the spaces, a package delivery hallway, is used. Because it is a high-traffic delivery area with carts and dollies often bumping the walls, Burson suggested corner guards, kick plates, and a durable, washable paint from Benjamin Moore called ScuffX.

“I pride myself on going beyond painting to give my clients solutions that actually solve  problems. Instead of just painting over the damage and wear, I showed Copaken Brooks how CertaPro Painters could keep their walls looking better longer,” says Burson.

Preserving the beauty of the property’s surfaces also made a big impact on the bottom line. By increasing the upfront costs for the guards and specialized paint, the company could amortize the costs over time. Because the walls do not need to be repaired and repainted as often, they saved more than $4,700 the first year and will save $8,600 in subsequent years.

Copaken Brooks Plaza Colonnade Office Tower Entry Elevator Bay with bench

Building managers in dozens of industries could be saving, too. Think of multi-family communities like senior living facilities, or doctor’s offices where wheelchairs often bump and scrape against walls. Consider restaurants and retail spaces that get lots of traffic and wear and tear. Strategic solutions like chair rails, crash rails, corner guards, vinyl panels, and innovative paints will keep your spaces looking fresh, lengthen your maintenance schedule, and maximize your budget.

Could you benefit from new ideas and new ways to keep your building looking great? Are you looking for a painting company with the bandwidth and expertise to service your location or multiple locations across multiple states? Do you value professionalism and exceptional customer service?  Then choose CertaPro Painters for your next project.

With more than 30+ years of experience and experience painting more than 25,000 commercial sites last year, we want to be your trusted partner. Put us to the test!

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