Industrial and Commercial Paint Colors
Commercial Painting

Industrial and Commercial Paint Colors

Posted on December 23, 2019

  • If you’ve been considering an industrial property makeover, learning about industrial paint trends can help you to protect and maintain your business’s appearance.
  • Your industrial property regularly faces harsh elements that can lead to more serious issues if a fresh coat of paint is not applied.
  • Find out what color schemes can promote professionalism to your customers and productivity for your employees.

Choosing to have your industrial facility repainted is quite different from making over your residential property. The priorities for industrial properties focus more on performance and service life.

Your industrial property is typically facing harsher wear and tear than a home would, so while the quality of the paint is more durable, it’s also faced with damaging conditions that lead to the need to repaint.

Many businesses fail to keep up with the conditions of their warehouses or industrial properties. As the need to keep up with other demands takes precedence, it can be easy to neglect your industrial property where it all takes place. But it’s crucial to the integrity of your business to keep your space in top condition. If customers or business partners visit your property you’ll want the warehouse to look professional. Rusty walls and peeling paint can give off an unkempt impression.

Consider the overall condition of paint: Extremely high or low temperatures, elevated humidity levels, pollutants, and chemicals that could be used in industrial environments can take their toll on the paint coating in your warehouse.

If your paint is deteriorating, it will show visible signs such as fading, cracking and peeling. As these signs are visible, the coating system has already begun to fail its job at protecting the materials. In order to prevent damage, a new coating system must be applied.

Look for damage of surfaces: If you notice any extreme flaking or hairline cracking in the structure, paint is no longer providing protection from damage. The damage is likely more serious than just aesthetics.

Be aware of water stains: One of the main purposes of your paint is to provide protection from moisture. Condensation can build up inside walls leading to irreversible water damage. This can turn into mold and fungal growth.

You may notice water spots, leaks, or dripping if you’re dealing with this type of damage.

Pay attention to rusted surfaces: Your industrial warehouse may be made of metal siding. Signs of corrosion or rust means that it must be restored by a professional painting contractor.

Tips for Company Color Scheme

After reading the reasons listed above, you may have decided that your property is due for a makeover. First, let’s look at your color options. Industrial property colors can range from vibrant and full of life, to toned down and neutral. While some stick to basic colors, you may be looking to spice up your space with a more exciting color palette.

Learn more about how to choose a color scheme for your commercial or industrial facility with paint color options that will help create a branded space while also maintaining the appearance and stability of the interior.

Consider Branding

Your branding is a big part of your business. It’s what people see in your logo, on the outside of your business, vehicles, and helps make sure you’re recognized by the public. Why not incorporate these colors inside of your industrial property? If the colors of your brand are a little more flashy than you’d like your interior paint colors to be, try using one of them instead of trying to force all of them in one space.

Don’t Skimp on Quality

There’s a lot going on within your industrial property and your paint must be able to stand strong against all the elements, chemicals and other wear and tear that it faces. A good coat of paint creates a layer of protection that limits corrosion and erosion to metal buildings. The best way to choose a high-quality paint is to trust the professionals at CertaPro Painters® for their insight.

Incorporate Emotion

You want your employees within your space to be focused and efficient, but also feel at ease when they are working. The colors below are all considered emotional colors and have the ability to make people feel a certain way just by being surrounded by them.

Reds: Red is a vibrant color that is known to increase heart rate and stimulate activity. While it can be overbearing on all four walls, it can be the perfect paint color used as an accent to cause stimulation and high attention. Try Sherwin Williams Positive Red SW6871 for an exciting shade of red that’s not too bright.

Blues: Blue is a go-to color for its calming nature and the way it can encourage a sense of relief and efficiency. Depending on the shade, it can also be considered a neutral, as it can match a variety of other colors when paired together, making it a perfect color for your industrial interior. A light blue can create a peaceful and welcoming environment, while a navy blue is a trusted classic that looks professional and clean.

Greens: If your business is based in nature or environmentally-focused, a shade of green is a restful color that promotes the feeling of the great outdoors. It can be helpful by promoting tranquility and eliminating stress for workers throughout the day. Try Sherwin Williams Garden Grove SW6445 for a strong shade of green.

There are many reasons to choose to have your industrial property repainted, from basic necessity and durability, giving off a professional appearance, to motivating productivity in the workplace.

While you have many options to choose from with the colors listed above, a trusted professional is crucial to ensure the protective paint coating is applied properly.

CertaPro Painters® has been a trusted provider of high-quality painting services since 1992. For each project, CertaPro Painters® assigns one specialized point of contact. Clients can then feel fully supported throughout the duration of the project and beyond, knowing that their commercial buildings is in the right hands. Call CertaPro Painters® to help with your industrial property painting project at 1-800-689-7271 or visit our Commercial Painting Services.