Industrial and Commercial Paint Colors- Elevating Durability and Aesthetics for Business Success
Commercial Painting

Industrial and Commercial Paint Colors- Elevating Durability and Aesthetics for Business Success

Posted on September 28, 2023

Rejuvenating your industrial property with a fresh coat of paint is not just a visual upgrade; it’s an investment in the building’s long-term health and the well-being of those who work there. With the 2024 Anthology: Volume One color collection by Sherwin-Williams as your guide, this comprehensive resource will help you navigate the myriad factors to consider when selecting a new color scheme.

SW0062 – Studio Mauve

Why Paint Condition Matters

Cracked, peeling, or faded paint can be a sign of a failing protective layer. The paint serves as a defense against elements like moisture, which could lead to severe structural damage over time. Using resilient shades like SW7634 Pediment can ensure longevity and robustness, making the investment in quality paint worthwhile.

The Unseen Impact of a Deteriorating Facility

Ignoring visible signs of wear and tear can lead to bigger issues, such as corrosion, weakened structural integrity, and potential safety violations. A well-maintained facility with contemporary hues like SW7261 Homburg Gray can greatly enhance your brand image.


Exploring Sherwin-Williams Anthology: Volume One

If you’re pondering a makeover, the new color collection by Sherwin-Williams is a resource you shouldn’t overlook. This thoughtfully curated palette offers an array of choices specifically designed for commercial and industrial settings.

SW7580 – Carnelian

High-Energy Spaces
In areas that require focus and activity, consider lively shades like SW7580 Carnelian to boost energy levels and productivity.

The Importance of Neutrality
For tasks requiring attention to detail or extended periods of concentration, calming neutrals like SW7634 Pediment can help create a conducive work environment.

Daring with Accents
Introduce nuance and interest by adding accent walls or zones in unique shades like SW0062 Studio Mauve, which can bring sophistication without overwhelming the space.


Incorporate Branding Without Compromise

Consistency in branding extends to the paint on your walls and equipment. Use color choices like SW7580 Carnelian or SW7261 Homberg Gray to resonate with your overall branding scheme for a cohesive look.

The CertaPro Painters® Edge

CertaPro Painters® excel at navigating the complexities of industrial painting. With color consultation services and advanced tools like the MyPaint Colors™ visualizer, they make the decision-making process easier.


Redesigning your industrial property’s color scheme involves careful planning and a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Utilizing collections like Anthology: Volume One by Sherwin-Williams ensures that your choices are not just trendy but also enduring.

For a professional consultation on your next industrial painting project, call CertaPro Painters® at 1-800-689-7271 or visit our Commercial Painting Services page.