8 of the Most Loved Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors
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8 of the Most Loved Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Posted on January 18, 2024

There is one thing consistent about every kitchen cabinet paint job: it is extremely difficult to choose what color to use! There are so many color options out there to begin with, coupled with the kitchen cabinet color trends and you’ve got an overwhelming situation on your hands! Additionally, there is more to the process than just choosing the right color. Investing in a quality paint and quality paint application is just as important as what color you pick! You want this paint job to be able to withstand this daily wear and tear as best as possible for you and your family and still look nice while entertaining guests

At the end of the day, the kitchen is the heart of the home, and your heart should make you happy! Our professional painters are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of kitchen cabinet paint colors that our painters see success with over and over again. 

White: A Timeless Blank Canvas

white kitchen cabinets in modest home

White cabinets have been rising in popularity the last few years. They fit in with almost any kitchen style, and can make a kitchen feel modern, light and airy. White cabinets also allow other focal points in your kitchen to take the spotlight, such as your backsplash, countertops or flooring. You can keep them looking fresh and trendy by switching up other fixtures or décor in your kitchen. New cabinet hardware, for example, is just one way you can completely change the look of white cabinets. White cabinets are, truly, a blank canvas in your kitchen.

White Kitchen Cabinet Colors We Recommend: 

white paint color swatches, pure white and snowbound

  • Pure White by Sherwin-Williams: This color has a slightly cool undertone that is perfect for modern kitchens with cool-toned fixtures, like a gray tile backsplash or cool-toned marble or stone countertops.
  • Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams: The slightly warm undertone can play well with the warmth of wood flooring or shelving, warm stone countertops and other décor and fixtures.

Gray: A Neutral Anchor 

gray kitchen cabinet in minimalistic home

Gray kitchen cabinets are another versatile neutral option that offer a bit more edge than pure white. The darker shade can also make a kitchen feel slightly more solid and anchored. Truthfully, gray cabinets can be a perfect choice for any kitchen, and with a wide range of shades and hues, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the right gray for your kitchen. 

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Colors We Recommend: 

gray paint color swatches, mineral gray and metropolitan

  • Mineral Gray by Sherwin-Williams: This hue has a touch of blue, which can be a good choice for those of us who like the appeal of dark black or navy cabinets, but want something a little less bold.
  • Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore: Lighter grays, such as Metropolitan, are a perfect alternative to white cabinets, and can be a wonderful accompaniment to white walls or subway tile

Black: Sophistication Meets the Kitchen

kitchen in home with black kitchen cabinets

Black cabinets are modern, sophisticated and definitely add a touch of luxury to any kitchen. The color also fit in well with black appliances, which have always been a trendy option but have recently grown even more popular.  Black also hides scuff marks, which is another bonus to having black base cabinets.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Colors We Recommend: 

color swatches for black kitchen cabinets, caviar and iron ore

  • Caviar by Sherwin-Williams: This hue is a solid, inky black that we love to see in kitchens with two toned cabinets. The dark shade is especially great on the bottom cabinets, while putting something lighter up top.
  • Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams: This black color is more of a cool, charcoal shade. We love how this color can make any space feel sophisticated. It also pairs well with natural wood, which is a great combination for kitchens! 

Blue: A Unique Highlight

kitchen cabinets painted upward by sherwin wiliams

Blue is a more unique option for a kitchen cabinet color that you’ll be sure to love for years and years. Navy blue kitchen cabinets are especially popular right now for how well the hue works with other trending colors for cabinet hardware and metal fixtures, like brass and copper. If these elements are present in your kitchen, we highly recommend navy cabinets! Otherwise, light blues are the choice for bringing a pop of a color to your kitchen. 

 Blue Kitchen Cabinet Colors We Recommend: 

blue paint swatches, upward and hale navy

  • Upward by Sherwin-Williams: Upward is Sherwin-Williams 2024 color of the year, and we truly think it is the best color for kitchen cabinets. The tranquil hue with gray undertones is calming and relaxing.
  • Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore: If you go for navy kitchen cabinets, we highly recommend Hale Navy. The color is the epitome of navy paint and looks absolutely stunning when paired with white upper cabinets. Truly, we can’t get enough. 

Paint the Kitchen Cabinets of Your Dreams

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in the kitchen cabinet paint colors our previous customers loved in their home. Our painters know that painting cabinets, especially kitchen cabinets, can be a huge undertaking. The team members at CertaPro Painters® offer cabinet refinishing and repainting services that ensure your new kitchen cabinets are painted a color and finish you’ll love for years to come. We even provide a color consultation if you need help finding the right color for your home. Regardless of what kitchen cabinet colors you choose, make sure the job is done right with CertaPro Painters®.