Remove Your Wallpaper Design for a Newly Painted Space
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Remove Your Wallpaper Design for a Newly Painted Space

Posted on March 10, 2020

  • Many people underestimate how difficult removing wallpaper can be. Leaving it up to the professionals will save a lot of time and money in the long run, as well as preventing damage to your home’s walls.
  • Consider using paint over wallpaper when you’re discussing your interior design plans. Wallpaper can come up and peel in rooms where there tends to be moisture, such as the bathroom or laundry room.
  • Choose from a trendy paint design style such as neutrals, monochrome or pops of color when considering your living room refresh.

An interior design refresh can come with its own set of trials and tribulations. Add a home covered in wallpaper into the mix and things get very complicated.

Often, homeowners opt to remove the wallpaper in a home upon purchasing to start fresh and avoid dealing with the process of wallpaper removal later on. It could be that wallpaper is just not their style. Or, perhaps they put it up a long time ago in their existing home and they want to give the space a new and fresh look.

No matter what the reason for redecorating is – if there’s wallpaper in your home and you don’t want there to be, you’ll need it removed. This is an overwhelming task that should be left for the professionals to handle – for your own sanity and for the sanctity of your walls.

Learn more about the benefits of choosing paint over wallpaper.

Wallpaper Removal

Before we get started on what type of paint style you’ll go with for your home improvement project, the wallpaper must be removed. This may seem like a simple task to you, but it’s far more difficult than it seems. Find out why leaving this to the professionals is the best way to go.

It’s time-consuming.

Removing wallpaper is time-consuming. It went through a lengthy process to ensure that it stays firmly placed against the wall, and removal is a challenge. And the longer the adhesive has been between the walls and the wallpaper, the more difficult it will be to remove.

And if you’re not much of a handyman, it can take two, three or four times as long as it can take professionals to remove. Professionals will remove the wallpaper in a quick, effective manner so you can focus on other things. Use the time you’ll save on removing your wallpaper to determine what kind of design you’ll be replacing it with.

It’s destructive.

Painter from CertaPro Painters removing wallpaper.

It will probably damage your walls. The process of removing wallpaper from walls involves soaks with solvents and other chemicals. Dealing with these types of chemicals can be dangerous, and it can also be challenging to determine exactly how much to use and how to apply. When homeowners DIY their wallpaper removal, they’re typically left with gashes taken out of the drywall or rough spots across the interior. And the time and materials needed to fix the walls post-removal will require another project.

There’s no easy way out.

Unfortunately, there’s no trick or shortcut to making this process easier. Homeowners typically opt to leave this project up to the professionals because of their years of experience handling this difficult process.

Paint vs. Wallpaper

When you’re refreshing your home’s interior, you’re faced with many decisions – one of them being wallpaper or paint on the walls. Below are some reasons why you might want to opt for paint over wallpaper.

Wallpaper is having a moment in the interior design world, but it’s not always the most practical option.

For starters, we’ve just gone over how difficult wallpaper is to remove. So if you change your mind and want something different, the process is going to be much more lengthy than just adding a new coat of paint.

Adding wallpaper is also difficult and time-consuming. Adhering the wallpaper to your wall will require many more steps than a painting project.

Moisture and wallpaper don’t mix. The moisture in rooms such as the bathroom can lift the wallpaper at corners, making it look messy and unkempt. This restriction can be a turn off for some people.

Choosing a Paint Design

Room painted in neutral colors.

Opting for a paint design instead of wallpaper can be the right choice for a variety of reasons. Even choosing a design can be easier than determining the texture and pattern for a room in your home. Below are some of the top paint trends for interior design right now.


Neutrals are always a go-to when it comes to a home refresh. Creams, tans, beiges, and light grays can create a cozy, warm environment. Neutrals on opposite ends of the spectrum, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Shoji White and Cityscape gray can both set different tones in a room. However, although these different shades bring an element of interest, they have a way of complimenting each other. For this reason, you can use various neutral shades throughout your home while still creating a cohesive design.


Another popular living room design is a monochromatic color scheme – meaning various shades of the same color. This design can be cool and edgy, or warm and friendly, based on the colors that are being used. Incorporating several different shades of color together, such as Dignity Blue and Icelandic Blue can create a unique feel.

Pops of ColorPainter for CertaPro Painters painting a wall blue.

Bright colors in a space can be overwhelming, but they can serve as an interesting focal point if done the right way. Try painting just one wall a bright color, like a Sherwin-Williams’ Dynamo or  Rhumba Orange while keeping the rest of the walls a neutral like tan or beige. The eye will naturally be drawn to the bright color, but the simplicity of the rest of the space will make it feel warm and modern.

You’re now equipped with enough wallpaper knowledge that you can call up a professional to remove the wallpaper in your home today and get started on your new interior design project. The professionals at CertaPro Painters® are experienced in wallpaper removal as well as interior painting services. Call us at 1-800-689-7271 or visit or website for your one-stop-shop for interior painting services.