Painting That Won’t Go Out of Style

Posted on March 13, 2018

Painting That Won’t Go Out of Style

Following trending house colors might seem enticing at first, but how can you be sure that the fad won’t end as soon as it started? When it comes to trendy paint colors, growing out of the style can become a hassle, leading to a new paint job sooner than it’s really needed.

This is why many homeowners choose to stick to practicality when it comes to color palettes and paint colors. Trendy shades are fun in the short term, but timeless shades are a better investment in the long run. Practical paint colors are also important to keep in mind if you’re thinking of selling your home within the next few years. And remember: Timeless paint colors are just as stylish as those in trend.

“Whether we’re talking exterior house paint colors, bedroom paint colors or living room paint colors, it’s important to consider your home’s life stage and your goals – not simply the color palette,” advises Rebecca Scott, marketing manager for CertaPro Painters® of Lexington, KY, “Traditional colors still provide a wide range of options and variation. Small variances in shade and hue can bring more life to your living space.”

A common misconception about timeless shades is that they are all neutrals, while in fact, so many colorful hues can withstand the test of time. A calming navy tone can stay with you for years, as can a deep, garden green or a dark chocolate brown. Taupe is a more muted, yet warm color, perfect for anyone searching for a versatile and unassuming shade.

Moving into the gray tones, there are a ton of options that roam far from plain. If your room needs a deep yet understated hue, try a French gray. Gray paints can also be quite complex, such as oyster bay, with cooler touches almost seeming blue or green. For a more straightforward gray, consider steel gray or stone gray, both great options with levels of complexity in the hue.

White colors don’t always mean simple white. There are actually a wide array of white-toned paint options, far more than just eggshell or off white. Alabaster offers a classic, regal feel, while extra white paint can allow a bright and cheery touch. If you want something slightly more simple but still a step above plain white, opt for an antique white paint.

There are a lot of options for timeless shades, even more than trendy colors. Don’t feel overwhelmed if you can’t make a decision―our CertaPro Painters® are happy to help you find your perfect paint.

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