Greige: Interior Design’s Hottest Power Couple
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Greige: Interior Design’s Hottest Power Couple

Posted on April 18, 2019

  • The popularity of greige paint––a mix of gray and beige––is largely due to its versatility. It goes with just about any other color and complements all kinds of home decor!
  • Just like any color, there is a wide selection of greige paint shades you can choose from. What sets them apart from one another are their undertones.
  • If you have a large, open-concept floor plan, greige paint colors may be the perfect options to help you unify the different areas of your home into one inspired interior space.

What’s a celebrity power couple without a name mashup? Kimye, Brangelina, Bennifer––name blending of leading couples has become a staple within pop culture. Interior design has its own new darling power couple making headlines (not just this one) and popping up all over social media: greige.

Greige is the unity of gray and beige, each a popular neutral all on their own–but they’ve come together to create the ultimate neutral that goes with just about any color and design style. Greige has even picked up some awards in the interior design world. Sherwin Williams named a greige hue,  Poised Taupe as its official Color of the Year in 2017.

It’s a super neutral we predict isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The rich color is arguably greater than the sum of its parts and can be used virtually anywhere in your home, with any decor style. Looking to add a cool relaxing feel to your modern kitchen? Searching for a color that will go with the natural wood textures of your rustic farmhouse aesthetic? There’s a shade of greige to fit any size or style interior painting project. Consider it your neutral chameleon. There’s a shade to match any space.

Greige is a true people pleaser.

A color consultant at CertaPro Painters® can help you select from a number of shades of greige to find one that complements your space. They’ll take into consideration the size of the painting project as well as the existing design elements of the space that you want to elevate. A team of skilled painting professionals can then execute on your desired color scheme.

Learn more about the agreeable color that’s become the neutral powerhouse of the interior design world:

What is Greige?

Gray and beige––it’s a simple enough color combo to understand, but it’s important to note that there are a lot of different colors that can be considered greige. They’re all neutrals, but your selection will help determine the look and feel of your space. In general, greige is much warmer than gray. Light greige colors can help transform a space to appear more airy. These light choices especially pair well with existing dark wood flooring or furniture. Dark greige paint where gray is more dominant is perfect for creating a more dramatic, sophisticated vibe. The contrast of a dark greige selection with white tile floorings or backsplashes can create some seriously chic depth.

Isn’t this Just Taupe?

The two look similar, and rightfully so since they are both a mix of gray and beige. “Wait, wait, wait…two colors can be composed of the same colors but look different?” Yes! Both are also considered generally warm colors, and both can range from off-white to medium/dark. Here is where they differ: Taupe tends to be beige with a little gray in it, while greige tends to be gray with a little beige in it. You may want to read that last sentence a few times to get it down. Even though they are made up of the same colors, those colors are not equally involved.

Their undertones also differentiate them from one another. A color is classified as either warm, cool or neutral. Undertones are the secret code of every color that peaks through. Sometimes it’s not apparent what the undertone of a color is until it’s on your wall or in natural light.

Like you learned above, greige tends to be more gray than beige. That means its undertones are likely to have gray pulled through like green, blue, and purple. Taupe tends to be more beige than gray, so it’s undertones are going to be more beige inspired, like pink, orange, and yellow. Clear as mud, right? If you need some help working through your color palette, don’t be afraid to lean on the experts at CertaPro Painters® so there are no surprises when that color gets put on your walls. For being a neutral, greige certainly has its complexities.

Light Plays a Big Role

Greige is incredibly complex for a neutral and can appear significantly different depending on the type of lighting in your home. If your space is dark and doesn’t get a ton of natural sunlight, you may want to consider having your interior space painted a greige that leans more into its beige roots than gray so it feels warmer. That visual warmth can help deflect a cold, dull day.

If the room receives natural light, a greige with a heavier emphasis on gray can hit you with a relaxing coolness. Introducing that cool greige is a simple way to make the room feel more balanced and comfortable on a hot day where there is tons of natural sunlight pouring into it.

Where Will Greige Paint Color Look the Best?

Anywhere! Greige is a versatile shade. We especially love it when it acts as a neutral backdrop over a large space, like in an open concept floor plan. For larger painting projects such as dual rooms like a kitchen/dining room combo, a greige color acts as a unifier while letting bold architectural elements like window trimmings and ceiling beams standout.

“For those that like more of an industrial vibe, greige mixes well with metal and wood. And who doesn’t enjoy the cozy freshness of painted furniture pieces against greige for the timeless and well loved nod to farmhouse style,” says Susan Newcomer, of Beautiful Home, CertaPro Painters® Interior Design and Color Expert.

It can be what you need it to be. Greige can be sophisticated when paired with deep hues and elegant furniture. It can be the perfect backdrop for a colorful piece of statement furniture or art. It can be edgy when paired with a completely dark gray color palette, or calming and gentle when paired with white trim and cozy linens.

Greige rooms don’t have to be dreary. Greige pairs wonderfully with a variety of accent colors like mustard yellows, pops of red, or even oranges. It’s the perfect color selection for people who have existing colorful decor or furniture because it pairs so effortlessly with any burst of color.

“Greige is wonderful to work with because when the color is paired with different elements it takes on many unique styles. When pairing greige with other neutrals a space can take on a natural, organic feel,” says Susan Newcomer, of Beautiful Home, CertaPro Painters® Interior Design and Color Expert.

Transitional spaces like entryways, hallways and landings team up nicely with greige. These areas of a home tend to have neutral color palettes because they function to connect the home instead of making a loud statement. Greige is a great backdrop for these areas where artwork and photography typically get displayed. The color doesn’t overpower the walls, but instead puts the focus on your gallery walls and personal touches. You can add a colorful runner to these high-trafficked areas without the fear of it clashing with the walls. These spaces are notorious for lacking natural sunlight, which light greige walls can help combat so your transitional space doesn’t seem too boxy or dark.

Choosing Greige

When shopping Benjamin Moore, look out for these shades of greige:

Asford Greige (DC-20)

Ashley Gray (HC-87)

Balboa Mist (1549)

Broxburn Greige (DC-19)

Gettysburg Gray (HC-107)

Mortar (CC-574)

Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Sherwin-Williams also has a wonderful selection of greige paint colors to select from, including:

Amazing Gray (SW 7044)

Analytical Gray (SW 7051)

Mega Greige (SW 7031)

Perfect Greige (SW 6073)

Useful Gray (SW 7050)

Windsor Greige (SW 7528)

Worldly Gray (SW 7043)

Going Greige

Ready to make the change with a universally loved neutral to freshen up your interior space? Whether you’re fixing up your home to enjoy yourself or looking for a color that will work hard for your home when it’s put on the market, greige may just be your winning neutral.

You can call 1-800-689-7271 today or visit our online estimator to schedule your free interior painting project estimate. A color consultant can work with you through undertones, shades, lighting and finishes to make sure you’re selecting the perfect greige color to fit your home’s personality.