Two-Toned Exterior Color Schemes: How to Make them Work for Your Home
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Two-Toned Exterior Color Schemes: How to Make them Work for Your Home

Posted on August 16, 2023

Using a two-tone house color scheme for your home’s exterior can help it stand out from the rest. Just because exterior painting is typically seen as a big undertaking doesn’t mean you need to keep your home’s exterior color scheme to one neutral color! A thoughtful color duo can make a flattering impact. The team at CertaPro Painters® can help you select a winning exterior color combination and expertly apply it to your home’s exterior to create an impactful look with a ton of curb appeal. Here is all you need to know to get started on picking the next colors for your home painting project. 

red and white two-toned home

What is a Two-Tone Paint Color Scheme?

When we say “two-tone color scheme” we are talking about the addition of a second color to your home’s body color. The build of some homes works better for a two-tone color scheme than others. For example, homes that have overhangs or architectural elements that section off the front of the home are a natural fit for a two-tone color scheme.

Traditional split-level or raised ranch style homes also have that same built-in sectioning of their designs that would complement an additional hue. Incorporating a two-tone color scheme is all about highlighting those natural breaks in the home. Whether it’s showcasing two different levels, or textures.

blue and white brick and siding home

Work the Environment into the Picture 

Don’t forget that it is just as important to consider elements your home naturally highlights. Things like your roof, bricks, garden, landscaping, mailbox, outdoor light fixtures, and front door are all pieces of your home’s story! You’re going to want to take cues from these existing elements of your home so you can build out a color story that really ties together all of the pieces into one cohesive design.

Choose Colors that Work for Your Home

The most difficult part of incorporating a two-toned color scheme into your home is picking complementing colors! There are two main schools of thought when choosing a secondary color. You can choose a subtle color contrast from your home’s primary body color, or you can make a much bolder choice that makes a greater impact. What two colors you select for your home’s body color will largely come down to how dramatic of an impact you want to make and what style you want for your home.

Painter’s Tip: Use CertaPro Painters® color visualizer to help you see what these color combinations would look like on your home’s exterior. 

Home with a two-toned color scheme

Color Recommendations for Contemporary Two-Toned Exteriors

Contemporary homes may have more dramatic architectural elements but often stick to a stricter color palette of neutrals. It’s a minimalist aesthetic that embraces flat and boxy shapes in the build. Contemporary homes tend to have a lot of opportunity for a two-tone exterior painting scheme. They often have a lot of depth to them from overhangs. They may also have more areas of the house that may be more set back than others. 

Color Recommendations for Traditional Two-Toned Exteriors

For a less dramatic approach to exterior colors, you can use two similar hues that don’t contrast as much. A two-tone olive approach can really play nicely with a home’s existing rich foliage. We suggest selecting a pop of color for your trim and accent colors. This way, your home won’t get lost in green. 

Go Two-Toned with CertaPro

Our CertaPro Painters® team is there to help you navigate your options when having your home’s exterior refreshed. Our team of expert painters can to do the job efficiently to get your desired outcome. 

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