Maintain Your Curb Appeal with these Exterior Maintenance Tips
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Maintain Your Curb Appeal with these Exterior Maintenance Tips

Posted on August 29, 2022

Our team put together some tips and tricks for maintaining your newly painted home exterior! Read on to learn more about ways to extend the life of your paint.

You’re Starting with an Advantage

Because you chose CertaPro Painters® to complete your exterior paint project, you’re already starting on the right foot. Our meticulous prep and clean-up processes ensure that extra care was taken, giving you a solid foundation to enjoy a beautiful home exterior for years to come.

We only use the highest quality materials and paints, so your new exterior should stand up against the elements and require less maintenance overall.

Trim Shrubs and Vines

Shrubs, gardens, and other greenery make your home beautiful, but be sure to keep them trimmed back from the surface of your exterior walls to avoid insidious moisture damage. Also, be mindful of how close your landscaping, soil and mulch included is to the side of your home. Shrubs or vines result in a lot of moisture, which is a significant problem in maintaining the integrity of your home’s facade.

If you notice any climbing vines, remove them right away. If left to grow unattended, climbing vines can grow under your home’s siding, trapping moisture and eventually leading to rot.

Power Washing the Dirt & Grime

Buildup from environmental dust and debris is unavoidable, so give your home’s exterior a thorough power washing every few months.

Moisture, as we’ve mentioned, is your home’s biggest enemy. And with moisture comes mold. If mold is allowed to settle on your home’s exterior, it will eventually eat away the paint finish and deteriorate its surface over time.

Another advantage to regularly power washing your home is any seasonal pollen or allergen will be taken care of with a good power wash. No more sneezy, itchy-eyed Spring season for you and your family!

Know What to Look For

Every home is different, but you’ll catch issues before they damage your home’s exterior if you know what signs to look for. Here is a brief list of common problems to keep an eye out for:

  • Cracking, peeling or blistering paint
    Significant fading
    Mold or Mildew

These issues can result from several things, including clogged gutters, damage from animals and wildlife, or structural problems. By making routine inspections of your home, and a regular gutter cleaning schedule, your home’s exterior will look beautiful day in and day out.

Now, take some time to relax. Enjoy your refreshed home.

Even though home exteriors do require a bit of maintenance, for now, take a step back and enjoy your freshly painted home. It does look fantastic! We’re sure the neighbors are jealous.

When the time comes for another refresh, CertaPro Painters® will be right here to deliver the same high-quality service to your home.