Why Deck Staining and Exterior Painting are Essential Prep for Summer Grilling Parties
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Why Deck Staining and Exterior Painting are Essential Prep for Summer Grilling Parties

Posted on June 14, 2018

When you throw a party, what’s one thing you always make sure to do before your guests arrive? You probably clean the kitchen, declutter the living room, and spot-check the bathrooms. Maybe you lay fresh hand towels, plump the pillows, and tilt the blinds just enough to get some soft, natural light. No matter what the process looks like, we all tidy up before party time.

Now that it’s summer and grilling season is here, you should also think about how to tidy up to accommodate outdoor hosting. Nothing beats a summer evening spent with your friends on the deck. You can grill out, enjoy a bonfire, and create new memories with the people who matter most to you.

“There’s nothing better on summer nights than having an outdoor living space available to host your friends and family,” says Jessica Belman of CertaPro Painters® of Eastside Seattle. “For a lot of us, a deck or patio becomes an extension of your living room or kitchen during the summer – you’re eating there, cooking there and relaxing there. It should be just as inviting as the other rooms in your home.”

The problem is, you can’t eat, cook, entertain, or relax on a deck or patio that isn’t ready for the summer. Luckily, it doesn’t take much more than some exterior painting and wood staining to really tidy up your outdoor hosting spaces.

Exterior Painting And Staining Transform Summer Grilling Season

There are numerous benefits to keeping up with regular painting and staining of outdoor surfaces. Primarily, you want to keep the outdoor area looking nice, but painting and staining also protect your outdoor hosting spaces from the seasonal elements, reducing your overall maintenance costs.

If you’re trying to get your deck or patio ready for outdoor hosting this summer, here are some essential steps to getting everything ready:

Deck Staining

A wooden deck is vulnerable to the elements. In the summer, the hot sun beats down, and torrential spring storms can damage the material. In colder seasons, decks are exposed to snow and ice; in warmer climates, there might be drastic swings in humidity levels that can cause the wood to degrade. Keeping the deck clean, sanded, sealed, and stained can minimize these effects and keep the deck looking great for a longer period of time.

CertaPro Painters® will clean off any chipping paint and dirt, power wash the deck, sand it to make it smooth, and apply a stain that will provide the right type of protection for your climate.

Patio Care

Your patio can take a lot of abuse. Between the outdoor elements and simple wear and tear from regular use, moving the patio furniture and tracking dirt and sand from the yard will cause the paint to eventually fade and become worn. If you’ve felt any twinges of embarrassment over the state of your patio’s surface when having company over, you’re not alone.

Painting your patio will give this outdoor area new life. A freshly painted patio starts with power washing and scraping off old, loose paint. Cracks can be sealed to prevent water from causing additional damage. CertaPro Painters® will even work with you to decide on the right color of paint to use that will accent and compliment your home’s exterior colors. Choose the same color you have now or pick something completely different for a fresh new look.

Exterior Painting: Fences, Siding, And More

CertaPro Painters® can clean, sand, and paint any exterior surface including fences, shutters, door archways, and siding. Your entire outdoor area will be given a new lease on life with exterior paint; you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to the vibe of your summer grilling parties. Your guests will notice, but

even more importantly, you’ll feel so much more confident inviting others into your space for entertaining.

CertaPro Painters® Offers Free Estimates

If you know that your outdoor area needs to be improved, staining or painting will change the way it looks. Since 1991, CertaPro Painters® has worked with homeowners just like you to get their outdoor areas ready for summer grilling on the weekends, cool mornings spent with a cup of coffee, or quiet family dinners enjoyed al fresco. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate and make your outdoor living space more welcoming to your family, friends, and guests.