5 Summer Projects That Will Protect Your Home Year-Round
Exterior House Painting

5 Summer Projects That Will Protect Your Home Year-Round

Posted on July 5, 2018

Wow, you did it! Summer is only halfway through, but all of your painting projects are done. That fresh coat of exterior paint from CertaPro Painters® brightens your home from the curb, and your interior rooms have a new glow to them. Having both the inside and outside of your house professionally painted means that you’ve increased its value, protected it from the elements, boosted your curb appeal, and generally just made it a more comfortable home for yourself and your family.

Now that those items are checked off of your to-do list, what’s next? If you’re like most homeowners, you have a running list of tasks to accomplish around the house to bring it closer to perfection. This list might be literal or mental, but it’s constantly growing and changing as new needs crop up and you learn more about what will transform your house into your dream home.

Now that your siding or stucco is looking fresh and new, you might have noticed other outdoor areas that could use some sprucing up. It’s time to take advantage of the warm weather and fit a few more of those projects in. CertaPro Painters® offers a variety of other services that should be on your list!

Door Painting

With the exterior of your home looking so great, you might have noticed that the front door lacks the pop it once had. Changing the color of your front door can give the exterior of your home a whole new personality. Imagine your home with a bright red, royal blue, deep purple, or lime green door. Or you might prefer to keep the door relatively neutral with a fresh coat. CertaPro Painters® can update your side and front doors as well as your garage doors to further spruce up the home.

Door Refinishing

If you have a wood door that you have considered replacing, consider having it sanded and refinished instead. A professional can help you choose the stain that will best complement the rest of your home. Match it to your deck or porch for consistency or choose something completely different for a unique aesthetic.

Deck Staining

Now that the weather is warming up, many homeowners choose to entertain on their back deck. If yours has seen better days, having it refinished and stained a new shade or painted will bring new life to this vital area of your home. Remember, living is not only done indoors; when the weather is nice, you can and should enjoy your outdoor living areas as well. Getting your deck stained or painted will give you some great options the next time you want to have people over to share a meal or just relax with a few drinks.

Other Exterior Painting Projects

As the exterior of your home looks better and better, you’ll undoubtedly see other areas that could use a fresh coat of paint or other refinishing. Your wood fence, for example, needs to be maintained regularly to keep it looking and functioning its best. If you have shutters on your home, those should be refinished or painted from time to time; they are exposed to a lot of harsh elements and should be cleaned and painted. Professional painting is not only about how your home looks, but also about maintenance and protecting your biggest investment. Trust it to the professionals! We also power-wash all surfaces before painting and refinishing to ensure the best possible results.

Cabinet Painting And Refinishing

If you have had your interior walls painted, you might have noticed that the crown molding, banisters, baseboards, built-ins, and cabinets could use some attention. CertaPro Painters® refinishes and paints various woodwork inside of the home. You might be surprised at what a difference newly-refinished woodwork makes in the way your home looks and feels.

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