Signs it’s Time to Repaint your Home’s Exterior

Signs it’s Time to Repaint your Home’s Exterior

Posted on December 5, 2017

Remember when you last painted the exterior of your home? Or gave your deck a nice new coat of stain? It felt so great just looking at the finished work – your home looked renewed and refreshed. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at your home and enjoy that feeling again?

But it’s been a few years; most of us can’t quite remember how long ago it really was. So how do you know when it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior?

Maybe you’re inspired by a great new color combination that caught your eye, and you think it would be perfect for your home. Or perhaps you’re just tired of the current color and want to make a subtle shift. Either way, we have plenty of color ideas to help you choose.

If you’re still happy with the color, painting may be necessary due to your home’s condition. CertaPro Painters® recommends doing a walk around your home’s exterior and keeping this checklist handy:

  • Are your soffits, trim, or fascia cracking, peeling or flaking?
  • Is your siding fading or chalking (a cast that can be noticed when you rub your fingers across the surface)?
  • Is there any discoloration on the siding, especially on the sunny side of the home?
  • Are there any signs of wood rot? Look for soft spots in your wood siding that have more exposure to water.
  • Is your front door color looking dirty or dull?

Any of these conditions may indicate the need for repair and repainting your home’s exterior. Protect your investment – contact your CertaPro Painters® to schedule a free estimate.