Two-Toned Walls are Double the Home Painting Trend You’ve Been Looking For
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Two-Toned Walls are Double the Home Painting Trend You’ve Been Looking For

Posted on February 14, 2019

  • A two-toned painted room gives visual expression and contrast to an otherwise monochromatic look
  • Painting the top and bottom of your walls two different colors adds double the color options
  • Learn where to begin and things to consider when deciding to paint a two-toned room

Sure, a home whose walls are all one color is what one can expect to see from a traditional interior design style– but why not take things up a notch and apply a bit of depth to your next home painting project?

Though the execution of a two-toned look can be a more difficult endeavor than an application of just one paint color there are tips, tricks and services available to make your painting project as smooth of a transition as possible. The end result is an updated look that is sure to set your home apart from everyone else’s on the block!

Where to Begin

When it comes to two-toned painted rooms, the idea is to add contrast and interest to your space, but you may be a little lost when it comes to understanding exactly where to begin with this process.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate this trend in your home it’s a good idea to have an understanding of the overall color scheme of your space.

If the rest of your home has a more neutral color palette you’ll want to consider soft muted tones in the room to keep with the overall aesthetic.

If your home already has a bold color story you can have a little more fun with your two paint choices.

You can choose one bold color for the bottom half of the wall while keeping things a little bit more reserved for the top half. Balance is key when trying to achieve the two-toned look and ensure the colors work with one another.

If you are far from deciding on paint color choices, utilize CertaPro’s MyPaint Colors Visualizer to experiment virtually with various paint options right in your very own space.

This service allows you to see what the colors will look like in your home and will give you some insight into what a dramatic difference a two-toned room can make!

Things to Consider When Painting Two-Toned Walls:

A two-toned room can be completed in a number of different ways but before you start your new painting project, you’ll want to have an idea of exactly how you’re going to achieve the look through color and ratio choices.

Two Tone Image


Let’s first look at how color selection will affect your two-tone walls as this can make or break the whole look you are trying to achieve.

For a room that is easily divided by wood wainscoting or beadboard, it makes sense to paint the bottom half one color and the top half another. Though this will certainly make a statement, you can still keep things softer in the overall look by choosing subtle colors.

By using two-toned color ideas like lighter tones in shades Muslin, by Sherwin-Williams and Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore, it will create a soft flow of color, but still allows for that dimensional and visually complex wall paint design you’re aiming for.

For a more dramatic look, choose two stronger colors that will create a striking and powerful visual experience. The classic white (on the top) and black (on the bottom) are simple go-to’s for this dramatic look as they are very different in their composition and shades. This is a perfect look for those aiming for a modern design style.

Another thing to keep in mind with two-toned walls is that the objective is to draw the eye to the color selection and design. This is the perfect opportunity to go bold and daring with your paint choice! One example of this can be achieved with red paint. By using the color Million Dollar Red (Benjamin Moore) on the top half of the wall and Raisin Torte (Benjamin Moore) on the bottom half of the wall you can get the bold statement you are looking for while opening up the space.

Despite what one might think, knowing what direction to go when choosing two shades in the same color can be quite confusing. Using colors that are complementary but contrasting is your best approach to achieving the two-toned look.

If a sleek look is more your style but you still want to get out of your comfort zone and try the two-toned look, consider choosing two different shades in the same color. Be careful when doing this, or consult an expert to ensure the colors don’t blend together which will essentially defeat the purpose of a two-toned approach.


Now that you have some idea of color choices let’s take a look at what ratios should be considered when trying to achieve a two-toned wall look.

A two-toned room doesn’t have to mean splitting the room perfectly in half and painting it two different colors. Assigning varying ratios of paint to your space can also create the perfect balance while also helping you to achieve the two-toned look. Consider choosing one color as the majority paint color and use the second color to create a bold stripe towards the top of the walls.

Suppose you have a wall of windows you want to highlight or an interesting architectural feature you want to stand out. Painting these areas in different colors or shades than the other areas in the room will draw the eye to that space and make it the focal point of the room.

Our CertaPro Painters® professionals know just how to navigate the paint world and can help you in deciding what two shades suit your space best and what two shades will still help you accomplish the two-toned look you are going for.

Pulling It All Together

When creating two-toned walls there are some things that are necessary in order to help the space feel cohesive and to really bring the whole look together.

Consider utilizing the same metals and hardware throughout your space to give a feeling of cohesiveness. For example, in your two-toned dining room choose light fixtures that coordinate with the hardware on your china cabinet or buffet table. This will create a streamlined look while also allowing the two-toned walls to have their stand-out moment!

Other Ways to Incorporate the Trend

Choosing one paint color is difficult enough so the thought of having to choose two can be overwhelming, but don’t be afraid to take a risk and really experiment with the elements within your spaces like your kitchen.

The easiest way to achieve the two-toned look in your most frequented space, the kitchen, is to have your cabinets painted in two different colors. You can keep it subtle by choosing two colors within in the same color family or go big and bold with an eye-catching shade on the bottom and a brighter shade on top.

When going this route you typically want to use the darker of your two shades on the bottom cabinets and the lighter shade on top. The darker paint colors on bottom help to ground the space while the lighter colors on top will keep your space from feeling closed in and will actually draw the eye up creating the sense of a bigger more open space.

Lastly, keep in mind the basic rules of two-toned painting and utilize elements in your space to bring the whole look together. Having matching door pulls and knobs for your cabinets will create a pulled together look while still allowing your two paint color choices to take center stage.

When to Call in the Professionals

No matter which direction you choose to go in when attempting the two-toned look, it is certainly a much bigger task than just a one and done paint job. Though it may seem like an easy project it can quickly become overwhelming when trying to understand how colors, shades, and finishes work together.

Your best way to ensure a stress-free, smooth paint project from start to finish and to ensure you get this tricky trend just right is to call in the experts! Let CertaPro Painters® answer your questions, halt your concerns and handle the heavy lifting that comes with a job of this size.

With a free estimate just a phone call away, CertaPro Painters® is the premier choice for all your paint needs.

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