Shape up Your Walls by Painting Geometric Patterns

Posted on March 12, 2019

Shape up Your Walls by Painting Geometric Patterns
  • Your wall can make a statement with these paint design pattern ideas.
  •  Pull design inspiration from your favorite patterns to help communicate your vision.
  •  Even a neutral color scheme with a geometric pattern can make a large impact.

If you’re considering repainting your interior walls with a fresh coat of paint, you may have turned to Instagram, Pinterest or popular interior design blogs to bookmark some inspiration as a starting point. Photogenic accent walls in homes may have you feeling envious. Those bold geometric patterns of stripes, chevron and color blocking are impressive and leave a lot of people saying, “I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do that.”

Creating a color scheme, knowing what colors would look good together and playing with patterns can feel intimidating for the average homeowner. If you have an idea and a design you love, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider incorporating your walls into this idea!

The professionals at CertaPro Painters® are ready for the creative challenge of painting a unique accent wall that is one-of-a-kind. With the right paint colors and attention to detail in scale and proportion––plus a dash of creativity––the finished product will be #homegoals.

“A pattern can make an impactful statement in a room,” says JJ Darr, President of CertaPro Painters® of Indianapolis. of CertaPro Painters®. “It immediately draws your eyes to that wall and becomes a talking point for everyone who sets foot in your home.”

Wallpaper and finicky wall adhesives aren’t the only way to make a statement in an artful way. Dare to be bold with your interior painting project knowing you have a team of professionals on board to help you execute your statement wall.

Get Ready for Change

If you’re not an interior designer, adding a creative wall pattern to your home may be entirely outside of your comfort zone. Creating a mood board can help. Start by browsing interior design and painting hashtags to find what you like and don’t like when it comes to paint patterns.

See how other people have styled rooms with creative accent walls. It will help you get a sense of patterns and color combinations that you’re drawn that will work with your own personal style. Saving a few images and paint patterns you like can help you communicate your vision with your CertaPro Painters® team.

Decide on the Room with a View

When you have a better sense of what paint designs you like, it’s now time to decide where it will look best in your home. A dazzling geometric wall in a master bedroom can create a dramatic headboard effect, an ombré wall in a bathroom can submerge you into relaxation mode, and bright stripes can add some quirk to your child’s bedroom.

Don’t be shy about choosing a space that all your guests will see. After all, a statement wall is a great conversation piece. Consider using bold colors and geometric paint patterns. This creative design will set your statement wall up nicely. Wherever you decide, visiting company will certainly have some, “I would have never thought of that” envy.

Stay in Proportion

Stripes have been a hallmark pattern in interior design. They make their way onto pillows, rugs, window treatments and bedding. They’ve covered just about every inch of the design world––even walls. They’re so versatile in their ability to mix beautifully with both solids and other patterns. They’re essentially the neutral of the pattern world.

If you’ve decided to introduce stripes onto your walls, proportion is an important design element to keep in mind. The size of your space can help you decide how thick or thin you want your stripes.

Thicker stripes work best in larger rooms where they make a statement but also have just the right amount of subtlety to not feel overwhelming. A good location for this larger sized pattern would be in the living room.

Thin stripes on a large wall can become overwhelming and make the room look too busy. Too wide of a stripe in a small room can make them lose their impact. Horizontal stripes help guide people’s eyes across a room, while vertical stripes can make a room feel wider and taller. Your CertaPro Painters® team can help you determine how to best play to your room’s strengths and hide its weaknesses.

Color Outside (and Inside) the Lines

Geometric patterns can be bold and modern, bright and whimsical or muted and sophisticated. It all depends on what feeling you want to achieve for the space. A statement wall doesn’t have to be punchy when it comes to color choice.

You can use a color palette of neutrals or muted hues in a geometric pattern in rooms, like a bedroom or bathroom, where you may want to relax. If you do want something large and loud, start by selecting one color and then use the color wheel to help determine two or three complementary colors to complete the perfect color scheme.

Your primary color’s first complementary color will be the one directly opposite of it on the color wheel. You can find additional complementary colors by selecting the hues just to the left or right of your first complementary color. A CertaPro Painters® color consultant can help you wheel around if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Bring Patterns into Your Space

In addition to helping you shape up your walls, the CertaPro Painters® team also offers specialty faux painting services to create textures, styles and effects that would otherwise require building materials.

If you’re looking to add a special spark to your next interior painting project, let CertaPro Painters® walk you through their capabilities. Call 1800-689-7271 or visit https://certapro.com/estimate/ to get started.

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