Quickie Kitchen Makeovers
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Quickie Kitchen Makeovers

Posted on June 27, 2017

Autumn brings changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and, for many families, countless gatherings. Whether prepping for college football parties, kids’ sleepovers, or holiday meals, your home gets put to the test this time of year. And no room does more work than the kitchen.

Why now?

Any renovation work in your kitchen – even “quickie” work – will be an inconvenience. Right now is an ideal time to get these projects taken care of for three reasons:

  • The kids are back in school. With them out of the house during the day, contractors and painters can get work done efficiently with minimal disruption.
  • The holidays are approaching but they aren’t here just yet.
  • With after-school sports and activities consuming a lot of time, the odds are good that your family will be eating a few meals out of the house anyway.

Quickest updates

Paint your island. Painting cabinetry requires a professional’s touch, but a well-applied paint job is as durable as it is beautiful.

Many of us have kitchens that work well for our families, with adequate storage and cabinetry and appliances that are still in good shape. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a dose of fresh style. Simple updates can brighten and modernize your space without the hassle or expense of a full renovation. Little adjustments can give your space an entirely new appearance and will have your friends asking if you installed an entirely new kitchen. Some suggestions:

  • Change out pendants. Kitchen lighting can be quite stylish, but like all trends can go out of fashion in short order. Look for something new to freshen your island. It’s an easy and relatively inexpensive change that will get your guests talking.
  • Swap out knobs and pulls. If your hardware is looking dated or worn – it is the point of contact for every opening of a drawer, after all – updating to new knobs can make a big difference. Be careful to match the sizing so you can reuse the existing holes. Hardware can be pricey when outfitting an entire kitchen. If you’re worried about the cost, replace just the hardware on your island or perhaps only your upper cabinets.

  • Paint your island. Painting cabinetry requires a professional’s touch, but a well-applied paint job is as durable as it is beautiful. Contrasting islands are a great way to add interest to your kitchen and can breathe new life into existing cabinetry. Choose a light neutral if you’re worried about compatibility with wood tones, or opt for a bold color like navy if the rest of your kitchen is white.
  • Dress up cabinets with wood detailing. For homes with simple cabinetry, adding decorative elements – all painted to match, of course – can give your kitchen an entirely new look. Consider adding beadboard paneling to the seating area of your island for a durable and distinctive new surface. Corbels beneath the counter overhang make islands look more substantial. False panels on the exposed ends of cabinets make them look more like custom furniture.
  • We can help with professional kitchen cabinet painting and restoration services