Room Painting Tips and Ideas
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Room Painting Tips and Ideas

Posted on July 13, 2017

White and bright. Architects and decorators love to work with white room décor. White provides a great canvas for creativity, of course, but it also enables you to mix different color furnishings without fear. White walls put the focus on the wall art you choose to display. Plus white is the foolproof solution for open floor plans in both cold and warm climates – where the use of this single color brings a more serene feeling to the space.

When your space is small. Work with pale, cool, natural wall colors that reflect light best. Light colors recede, so the space seems larger and furnishings appear less confined. Windows should be lightly draped to allow daylight to spread easily. These examples all practice this decorating tip.

Warm and welcoming. Great rooms, spacious kitchens, large dining rooms and roomy living rooms can be challenging to decorate well. These spacious areas can be made more inviting by employing earth tones for wall colors. Bold use of deep ochre, rich red and burnt orange are also welcoming colors to accent the area.

Elevate the appearance. You can soften any room with this simple solution. Paint the ceiling and walls the same color. This works best with airy colors like pale blue, soft gray, or pastels. The corners of your room will recede and the whole area will look more spacious

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