New Season Resolutions: Paint Ideas, Inspiration and Home Improvement Projects
Interior House Painting

New Season Resolutions: Paint Ideas, Inspiration and Home Improvement Projects

Posted on April 16, 2018

The start of a new season is the perfect time to start thinking about home improvement projects and new styles to explore. The end of winter is a great time for indoor painting, and you can try out some of 2018’s most popular paint colors that provide a wide range of options for homeowners.

  1. Interior Painting

Surely at least one room of your house needs a little bit of TLC, and we know there’s nothing a little bit of paint can’t fix. Liven things up by choosing vibrant colors (and even patterns) for the walls―or, if you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, white is a good choice as it provides a blank canvas for potential buyers. “Neutral tones definitely allow buyers to more easily imagine a space being their own,” says Paige NeJame, co-owner of CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston. “But if you’re planning to stay in your home longer term, a bold or trendy color can add to your enjoyment. Kitchens and baths are popular places to do that.”

  1. Crown Molding

Crown molding is one of the best ways to add elegance in a home. Whether you want to install decorative borders or touch up the paint on existing pieces, our team will work with you to do so. This timeless and exquisite looking addition will undoubtedly create the look of your dreams in any room. Crown molding creates the illusion of a bigger area, making even the smallest spaces seem more inviting.

  1. Door Refurbishing

If you’re a homeowner, you know―or, you should know―not to underestimate the visual impact of doors. Exterior doors and their wide range of colors tend to steal the spotlight, but interior doors are what lead your guests into each room. So, even if the rooms themselves are flawless, all of that effort is for naught if the doors are covered in dings, marks, and smudges. Instead of replacing the entire door, “replace” and modernize your doors by painting or even staining them. These small acts can go a long way, as can other relatively minor improvements like installing decorative door knobs.

No matter what your home needs this new year, let CertaPro Painters® tackle it. Our proven process will give you peace of mind, and our experts will leave you with results that speak for themselves. Let us give you a free online estimate so you can begin your home’s transformation today.