Why Winter is a Great Time to Paint

Why Winter is a Great Time to Paint

Posted on December 5, 2017

Have an interior paint job you’ve been wanting to complete? We’ve got good news for you―winter is a great time to get it done! Spring months are commonly believed to be more conducive to home repairs, but winter provides an ideal environment for interior painting as well. Here are a few reasons why.

Natural light is abundant.

Proper lighting is essential to a premium paint job and makes any project much more pleasant―especially interior painting. Brightness allows for a clearer distinction between painted and unpainted areas. This, in turn, speeds up the process and saves time. In the winter, days are often clear and sunny, providing ample natural light and a bright environment that is perfect for applying a fresh new coat.

The air is drier.

Since the water found in humid air can impede paint’s ability to dry, the drier winter air can help expedite the process. With winter projects, it’s wise to select a paint that has zero to low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). At CertaPro Painters®, the coatings we use are available in low-VOC or no-VOC formulations. Therefore, there is very little to no odor during application.

The timing is right!

One of the benefits of winter painting doesn’t actually have to do with natural conditions―in fact, it’s about scheduling the painting project. In the warmer months, painters’ schedules are usually full with both exterior and interior projects, whereas winters are a much quieter time. This means your project will likely be accomplished sooner than if you booked it in the spring season.

For these reasons and more, winter is actually an ideal time to refresh your home’s interior. After all, beautiful color is always in season. If you still have questions about embarking on a painting project in the colder months, talk to our experts. We are more than happy to provide a free estimate or discuss any project in detail, and we will even come to your home to do so. At CertaPro, we want what is best for our customers, and we will work tirelessly to deliver an extraordinary home improvement experience ―no matter the season.