Steal These Painting Ideas for Your Living Room
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Steal These Painting Ideas for Your Living Room

Posted on January 28, 2020

  • The new year is here, and some of the most popular paint trends of 2020 include living room designs that incorporate colors found in nature, such as deep forest greens, light tranquil greens, woodsy browns, and cloudy blues.
  • More fresh living room decorating designs and ideas for your home include shades of pink for an elegant, sophisticated living room, and shades orange for a bright, exciting atmosphere.

Out with the old and in with the new living room! Now that we’re in the new year, it may be time to work on that living room refresh you’ve been desiring for so long. But we understand how difficult it can be to narrow down a design – with all that’s out there, who can choose? We’re here to steer you in the right direction and brighten your home with some of the top living room trends in interior painting.

Stay at the forefront of home design with a modern take on classic looks to create an atmosphere your family and your guests will enjoy for years to come.

Moody Blues and Browns

There’s something relaxing and cozy about a cloudy day. Sweep these colors across your living room interior and the result will be a space you won’t want to leave. A rich brown shade like Van Dyke Brown from Sherwin-Williams brings woodsy nature indoors, while moody blues like Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nose mimics a partly cloudy sky.

Tranquil Green

If the idea of bringing nature into your home is inspiring for you, lighter greens are the perfect paint colors to do so. These calming and tranquil shades, like Acadia Green by Benjamin Moore, can breathe energy into a tired room.

Incorporate other pastel colors into the living room for an interesting look against the pale green color. Light blues and pale yellows have a calming effect that will allow you and your guests to feel relaxed and cozy in your home.

Or go the opposite route by anchoring the light green by deep, dark greens like Benjamin Moore’s Chimichurri. This living room paint idea works because while both greens complement each other by being in the same color family, the juxtaposition between the lightness and darkness balances out the room.


This may be an option you haven’t considered before, but orange shades are popular paint colors for 2020.

Fresh and lively, citrus orange colors are trending paint colors right now and they’re perfect for a family that seeks an exciting atmosphere. Orange shades like Navel and Knockout Orange by Sherwin-Williams make a dull home bright and fun. Keep the rest of the space simple with whites and allow the orange to really shine. Or for a more eclectic look, a teal color like this one looks great against orange shades.

Burnt orange, like Sherwin-Williams’ Jalapeno, is a more subdued hue that makes for a unique living room, sure to please your guests and provide a comfortable setting for your family. Pair it with light grays or taupes to keep it cozy.

Navy Blue, Black and Beige

Neutrals with a twist! Combining navy blue, black and beige is a color scheme that will transform a dated space into a chic, modern living room.

Because navy blue and black shades are on the dark end of the spectrum, they bring richness and life into a room. Use pops of beige lighten it up. Or, try the opposite and paint the walls beige, then add blue and black details. No matter which option you choose, you’ll end up with a sleek and stylish finish.


Pinks are making a big entrance into the living room design scene to make for a light, airy feel. From light to dark shades, there’s no denying the softness of pink has the power to make a big impact in your home. When you think of pink you may think bubble gum, childlike shades, but shades like Romance and Gracious Rose by Sherwin-Williams are elegant and regal. Pair it with pops of ivory, or match it with metallic furniture or dark wood.

If the thought of a pink room is too much for you, consider a deeper shade. Rich mauves like Dusty Mauve by Benjamin Moore is sophisticated, but toned down from lighter pinks.

You can also use varying shades of blue in rooms of pink to balance it out. A crisp white molding or white details throughout the room will pull it all together.

Hiring an Interior Painter

It’s highly recommended that you seek out a professional for your painting project. Not only will it save you a lot of time and energy, professional-grade paint supplies and techniques will ensure your paint will hold up over time.

Our CertaPro Painters® interior house painting services provide a seamless, efficient, and meticulous interior painting job that will make a world of difference to your home’s overall look and impact. Call us today at 1-800-689-7271 for a living room refresh.