5 Types of Crown Molding and How to Use Them in Your Home
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5 Types of Crown Molding and How to Use Them in Your Home

Posted on October 20, 2023

Crown molding, often thought of as an element of traditional decor, has evolved into a versatile design feature that can elevate any room. At CertaPro Painters®, we’re here to guide you through the world of crown molding, explore its various styles, and inspire you with creative crown molding ideas for your home.

room with yellow walls and white crown molding

What is Crown Molding?

Crown molding, originally intended to conceal gaps between building materials, has now become a prominent design element. When installed correctly, it draws the eye upward, making ceilings appear taller and seamlessly connecting walls and ceilings. Beyond aesthetics, crown molding can serve functional purposes, such as wall protection and adding a touch of warmth to a room.

Is Crown Molding Out of Style?

No design element is immune to trends, and crown molding is no exception. The key to keeping it relevant is selecting the right style that harmonizes with your home’s aesthetic. Well-chosen crown molding can stand the test of time and keep your space looking fresh and stylish for years to come.

Where Should You Install Crown Molding?

kitchen with crown molding

Crown molding is a fantastic addition, but not every room demands it. The main areas of your home, like the living room, dining room, and kitchen, are prime candidates for crown molding. These are the spaces where you entertain guests and want to make a lasting impression. Crown molding adds an air of elegance, accentuates furniture, and can even frame upper kitchen cabinets for a polished look.

Crown Molding Ideas for Your Home

Your design taste and your home’s aesthetic will guide your choice of crown molding style. Here are some options to consider:

1. Traditional Crown Molding: A Classic Look

traditional crown molding on grey walls

As the name suggests, traditional crown molding wraps around the room, adding height and drawing the eye upward. This timeless choice enhances the room’s architectural details. Ideal for homes with a classic or formal aesthetic, it works exceptionally well in living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms, where you want to create a sense of grandeur and elegance.

2. Egg and Dart: For Sophisticated Spaces 

egg and dart crown molding

Inspired by ancient Greek design, the egg and dart pattern adds a touch of regality. This intricate design can be crafted from various materials, including plaster, wood, foam, or polyurethane. Egg and dart molding is perfect for homes with a taste for ornate and sophisticated decor. It can be an excellent choice for formal dining rooms or any space where you want to create a sense of timeless luxury.

3. Dentil Molding: Elegant with a Touch of History

kitchen cabinet crown molding

Dentil molding is a classic design often incorporated into crown molding. It features evenly spaced block patterns, evoking the aesthetics of Greek, Roman, and Neoclassical designs. Ideal for rooms where you want to showcase elegance, dentil molding can be a great addition to formal living rooms or studies.

4. Cove Molding: A Curve of Personality

blue wall with white cove molding

Cove molding is characterized by a concave, curved profile that creates a gentle transition between walls and ceilings. It’s an excellent choice for adding a touch of personality to your living spaces. Cove molding is a versatile option that can work well in various rooms, from living rooms to hallways, offering a refined and subtle design.

5. Bed Molding: The Cozy Alternative 

bed crown molding in home interior

This style adds a touch of complexity and ornateness to your crown molding. It’s often used to enhance the visual appeal of a room’s architectural details. Bed molding can be a charming addition to bedrooms and guest rooms, where you want to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Give Your Home a Refresh with Crown Molding from CertaPro Painters®

Regardless of the crown molding style you choose, the experts at CertaPro Painters® are here to create a custom project plan for your unique home. We offer a range of interior painting services, including wallpaper removal, drywall repair, and more! Contact us today by filling out our free, no-obligation form or calling one of our team members to find the crown molding option that best suits your home.