5 Easy Paint Projects That Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious
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5 Easy Paint Projects That Will Make Your Home Look Luxurious

Posted on December 19, 2018

A few small painting projects are all it takes to give your home a complete refresh

  • A home makeover doesn’t have to be all or nothing
  • A few small-scale painting projects can give your space a whole new look
  • Something as simple as painting the interior doors or trim can have a dramatic effect

They say it’s the little things in life that matter, and painting is no exception. Paint projects can be a quick way to transform the look of your home without a huge investment of time or money. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint on your front door to make a first impression that truly lasts.

There are dozens of small project services that can help you freshen things up without committing to a whole interior or exterior paint job.

These few easy projects are small enough to be finished in just a few days but impactful enough to give your space a whole new look.

Paint Your Archways

Like any doorway or entryway, the paint on archways tends to get dinged and scuffed by daily wear and tear. Many people avoid painting their arches because they don’t know how.

Should you paint the archway the color of the room you’re entering? Or the color of the room it connects to? As it turns out, there are several options you can choose from to transform the look of your home:

  • To create a seamless look, paint both rooms on either side as well as the archway the same color.
  • To create definition between rooms, choose a different shade for each room. Paint the archway the color of the room you’d like to be more dominant.
  • For a more dramatic definition, paint the archway an entirely different color than either of the rooms.

Paint The Shutters

If you’d like to create some real curb appeal and spruce up the exterior of your home without committing to a major project, consider painting your shutters.

While it’s a simple process there are a few tricks that we perform to get you a smooth and professional finish.

#1- We would clean the shutters. Remove any excess dirt or mildew off of the plastic or vinyl shutters to give you a clean surface as we begin to paint. After a good scrub, we would let them air dry to ensure a seamless paint application.

# 2- Before we apply the paint we ensure the edges are rough enough to apply a primer for a long lasting coat of paint.

# 3-  When selecting they kind of paint to use, we recommend a high-quality exterior paint. This type of paint would be selected depending on the material of the shutters (i.e metal, wood or plastic/vinyl shutters).

We typically recommend using a semi-gloss paint for exterior shutters. This paint will have the right amount of durability and shine to give you a simple look but lasting paint job.

Liven Up The Doors

Have you ever driven by a home whose bright red front door has you doing a double take because the color is just so vibrant and unapologetically bold? Perhaps your neighbor’s entry door is painted the perfect jewel-toned emerald and you find yourself green with envy.

A painted door not only adds a fun pop to the outside of your house but creates instant curb appeal that will be sure to add a bit of eye-catching style with minimal effort. An updated front door is just the right amount of whimsy to make even the most basic house come alive.

And it doesn’t have to stop there. Painting interior doors can be just as fun.

Bright colors are a great addition to a child’s room or playroom. But keep in mind, door paint colors don’t have to be loud and bright to make an impact. A simple refresh, even in basic white, can make a world of difference.

Even black has made a comeback. Painting your interior doors a solid black color is not only trendy but it’s an easy way to make a statement. The bold solid color picks up other black accents and is a perfect candidate for hiding those unflattering characteristics some doors carry.

Refresh The Walls

If your interior is feeling “blah,” consider giving the walls a quick update.

Using lighter colors like whites, creams, and pastels will help create the illusion of a larger room and open up the space. Stephen Buttrick, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Needham, MA, recommends staying away from warmer tones and darker shades, since they tend to make the space feel a bit closed in.

Here are a few ways our professional painters have brightened up interior spaces to give them a renewed look:

  • Create an accent wall, giving the room an anchor point
  • Paint the interior trim to give a clean and polished look
  • Add a faux paint finish for texture and depth
  • Repaint the ceilings with a bright white color to give your room a new-home appeal

Paint the Hallway

Choosing the right paint colors for hallways and stairs can be difficult. These spaces are long and narrow, and often dark.

If you’re not sure which way to go, a good rule of thumb is to always opt for a color two shades lighter than the connecting rooms. Try to keep it in the same family so the colors complement each other, and the lighter shade will make the passageways seem more open.

If you would like to incorporate a darker color try painting a single dark wall at the end of a hallway. This is an easy change that will add depth and a focal point to a typically small space.

About CertaPro Painters®

Bringing a space back to life doesn’t have to mean committing to a large-scale project. Often, just updating one small area will make a difference. Our trusted advisors at CertaPro Painters®can make those closed off spaces look bigger, the dark spaces brighter, and the mundane fun and new.

Call us today to find out how we can help out with your small-scale painting project, and bring that space back to life.