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Faux Finish Painting and Decorative Painting Services

Are you looking for a way to add beauty and sophistication to your home? Faux style painting can do that for you. Faux painting is a type of decorative painting, which includes techniques such as stencils, patterns, and stripes.

Faux finishes provide a great alternative to wallpaper: you can have artistic and original walls (without being limited to available designs), with the benefit of a smooth, seamless surface and the ability to simply paint over the wall when you choose to change it. It can also give you the option of mimicking an expensive material like marble for a fraction of the cost.

Faux and decorative painting uses a variety of paints to achieve the desired look. Most faux painting techniques combine a flat base color with a matching glaze, which creates a different effect depending on what you use to apply it. Various tools are used like brushes, rags, sponges, and rollers, depending on the final effect.

Faux Painting Ideas

There are many styles of faux and decorative painting, each with a unique and distinctive final effect. Some popular options include:

  • Color Wash – A layer of colored glaze creating a multi-tonal textured effect.
  • Marbleizing – A combination of glazing and delicate brushwork that replicates natural marble.
  • Rag Rolling – Using a bunched-up rag to create a mottled effect.
  • Venetian Plaster – An ancient technique that creates a subtle, earthy effect.
  • Metallic – The application of metallic paints.
  • Strié – A technique that uses downward brushstrokes of a glaze to mimic a linen-like fabric.
  • Graining – Replicating the texture of wood grain.
Orange Faux Wall Finish

Orange Faux Wall Finish

Faux Concrete Painted Finish

Faux Concrete Painted Finish

Distressed Painted Walls

Distressed Painted Walls

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Hiring our CertaPro Painters® faux painting services is an easy and quick way to bring an element of sophistication to any room. CertaPro Painters® makes getting started as simple as possible. Contact us today for a free estimate on your faux painting needs!

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Faux Finish Painting and Decorative Painting Services

Doing faux painting at home can be tricky. Most faux painting techniques require experience and skill to make the overall effect look good. This is why using CertaPro Painters® is the best way to achieve that faux finish look at home.

Our CertaPro Painters® are experienced in creating a variety of effects with professional knowledge of:

  • What tools to use for each job.
  • How to apply faux painting effectively.
  • How different color combinations can mimic textures like stone, marble, wood, or concrete.

When you hire our CertaPro Painters® experts in faux finish painting, we will first work closely with you to decide on the best effect for your space. We will prep the room by moving all the furniture to the center and protecting surfaces with a plastic covering. Most faux painting techniques require a perfectly smooth surface, so we will repair, sand, and fill in any areas that require it, and follow this up with a primer.

For most faux finishes, the decorative painters will paint a simple base color layer and then, once dry, cover it using a thinned glaze and the required tool for the desired effect (rag, sponge, paintbrush, or other stencil). Some techniques are more complex, such as Venetian Plaster which needs to be applied with a trowel. Whatever the faux finish requires, we will have discussed the process with you to make sure you understand every step.

Whether the atmosphere you are going for is vintage, modern, cozy, or cool, faux painting turns your walls into a central feature of the decor and immediately injects character into a room. By using CertaPro Painters® faux painters, you will be guaranteed a high-quality, accurate, and professional job to make your interiors look perfect.