The Best Blue Hues for the Exterior of Your Home
Exterior House Painting

The Best Blue Hues for the Exterior of Your Home

Posted on October 7, 2021

Blue has always been a go-to decorating color – a true primary color – that has a certain appeal and is a favorite among many. The color blue is commonly used inside a home for its interior design charm, as it easily coordinates with other color schemes. In the last few years, more and more homeowners have been taking this hue from their bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens – and painting their home exterior blue!

We will expose some of the creative yet beautiful blue house exterior color schemes that will take your standard idea of blue paint and turn it completely around. Keep reading for some pointers from the professional painters at CertaPro Painters® on how to think through your blue exterior painting project.

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blue color ideas for home exteriors

Popular Blue Exterior House Color Schemes

If you’re looking to give your home an out-of-the-box glow up, blue is definitely the way to go! With an abundance of shades to choose from, blue exterior paint is a wonderful choice to give your home a subtle, classic, and beautiful style. No matter what you want the exterior of your house to say, you can express it with blue paint colors. From inviting and friendly, to vibrant and bright, to calm and serene – capture the right mood with shades of blue exterior house paint.

Light Blue

House with light blue exterior and white accents

The world of light blue shades is vast. There’s a hue for every mood, whether you want to evoke a dreamy and relaxing feeling, or something more cheery and bright. A true light blue, like Sherwin-Williams Porch Ceiling (SW9063) may be exactly what you think of when you hear “light blue home exterior.”

In some cases, homeowners opt for light shades of blue for the exterior of their homes. These lighter shades can sometimes even be considered neutrals with their ability to match almost anything – think barely blues like Benjamin Moore’s Lily White (2128-70).

Another popular example of a neutral light blue shade includes a blue-gray. Blue-grays are becoming very popular for those who find true blue a little too bright for their style. Whether your style is more of a light shade like Iced Slate (2130-60), or darker like Oxford Gray (2128-40), a blue-gray exterior house paint could be the perfect neutral blue for your home.

Brilliant Blues

If you’d like your home to stand out among others, add some color to your neighborhood with a bright blue or medium blue. These saturated colors often have a way of evoking excitement and cheery thoughts with just one glance.

A true blue, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Blue Chip (SW6949), is radiant and bright, sure to set you apart on the block. Frank Blue (SW6967) is also a stunning option for a brilliant blue, slightly toned down.

Another option for choosing a vivid, luminous shade of blue is one in the blue-green family, like Sherwin-Williams’ Great Falls (SW6495). If a light, airy shade is more your style, the color Ebbtide (SW 6493) is a rich but subtle blue-green hue.

When considering a bright blue paint color for the exterior of your home, pay attention to the way the natural light hits your house at different times of the day, and at night. This has a major impact on the way the color will look on your home. For example, you may like the way a color looks in bright lighting, but it could look drastically different in the dark.

Dark Blue

Home with a lush lawn and dark blue exterior with brick detailing

There are many people who love dark blue and navy blue, but shy away from painting the inside of their home this dark, as it could make rooms appear smaller than they actually are. However, a dark color doesn’t have the same effect on a home’s exterior.

A dark blue exterior home color scheme is classic and appealing, giving off an air of confidence and tradition. The navy shade Honorable Blue (SW6811) by Sherwin-Williams is a rich, dark blue color that would look impressive against any home’s exterior.

Accenting a Blue Home Exterior

By now, you’ve probably narrowed your exterior paint color down to just a couple options that will work for your home. Now it’s time to start thinking about how the current accents of your home could work with your color choice.


Houses with blue exterior paint typically complement various materials and colors. Brown colored stone looks beautiful up against a shade of blue and provides a nice contrast, while blue paint color can also bring out the blue tones within gray colored stone. Dark shingles or dark siding also correlate nicely with blue tones.

Homeowners have been leaving many wood tones exposed on the exterior of their home, especially with the ever-popular rustic trend. Whether it’s natural, gray, light, or dark – wood is a beautiful complement against blue paint color.


A blue home exterior can be perfectly anchored by bright, white trims. The crisp white shade allows the blue color to come to life and look pronounced and defined against the white. A white trim serves as a stark contrast to create those coveted clean lines. Best of all – this timeless design applies to any shade of blue paint.

Alternatively, if you’ve selected a barely-blue, a light blue, or a blue-gray, run with the blue exterior color scheme and add navy blue trim around your doors and windows.

LandscapingBlue and white house with stone patio and landscaped lawn

Lots of greenery will pop against the blue exterior paint. Whether you’ve selected a light blue, bright blue or dark blue–green will contrast with any one of them. Consider simple plants such as shrubbery lining the front of the house, vines spilling across the front porch, or any type of leafy trees or plants.


You know what they say about details – it’s the little things that matter the most. If it’s your goal to revamp your exterior, consider the different features that will look great against your blue home design. Window frames, door handles, and railings made of metals such as dark iron or gold look striking against any blue hue.

Choosing the Right Blue Exterior Paint

Your home’s exterior is the first thing you see when you arrive home at the end of a long day. It’s the first thing your guests see as they arrive to spend time with you and your family. It’s also what your neighbors and passers-by see. Does your home’s exterior give off the feel you want it to? Is it inviting and friendly? Is it cool and serene? Does it reflect the family inside of it?

CertaPro Painters® will make sure that the blue exterior color scheme you’ve selected showcases the color perfectly and fits the mood and theme you’re going for. Blue paint can give an old house a facelift, making it look years younger. All you need are a few fresh coats of blue paint.

This is a lot of information about blue paint colors to take in. We get it. So if you’re still not sure which shade of blue fits you best or which blue color scheme you’d like to choose for the exterior of your home, CertaPro Painters’® color consultations may be exactly what you need to help you make the right decision.

You’ll meet with a professional color consultant, but you can also use the CertaPro Painters®  MyPaint Colors visualizer to virtually paint the exterior of your home, so you can see the color right in front of you. With a color consultant, you can discuss your home’s exterior, determine the mood of your home, discuss trim color, and choose color flow.

Exterior house painting is the most effective way to boost the curb appeal of your house. CertaPro Painters® makes it easier than ever to give your home a complete makeover without hassle, headaches, or worries. To see more blue shades and choose the right one for your home, reach out to us at 800-462-3782 for a free estimate.