Paint Life Back into Your Home’s Exterior, Brick by Brick
Exterior House Painting

Paint Life Back into Your Home’s Exterior, Brick by Brick

Posted on April 9, 2019

  • Your home’s exterior is on display to everyone who drives by. When it comes to an exterior painting project, it’s very important that the execution looks incredible.
  • Painting brick can be especially tricky given its porous nature and textured surface. Leave it to the professionals at CertaPro Painters.
  • Once your brick is painted, you can’t return it to its natural hue. Make sure you go into the project knowing the finished product will be exactly as you anticipated.

Brick is a popular type of exterior material for homes. In fact, studies show that people are even willing to pay a premium price for homes built with the low-maintenance building material.

Brick exteriors don’t rot or dent, unlike vinyl siding or wood. Brick comes from some of earth’s most abundant materials––clay and shale––so there is an element of eco-friendliness in building with them.

Safety-conscious homeowners can feel good knowing that brick is both flame retardant and noncombustible, so they can help keep a fire contained in a particular part of the house in the case of an emergency.

They’re also more likely to put up a greater fight against wind, hail or any other natural forces that may threaten the structural integrity of your home. In fact, some insurance companies will even offer lower homeowners insurance rates for homes with brick exteriors. It is sound proof too! Brick does a great job at keeping sound from traveling from the inside out, or outside in.

Those are some pretty incredible pros, right?

While they boast durability, sustainability and safety, brick in its natural state leave you with few color options if you don’t love their hue. Sometimes natural brick can look absolutely beautiful. Exposed brick walls or fireplaces in a home’s interior are even a selling point for some people. But weathered or stained brick on the exterior of an old home can be an eyesore to the neighborhood.

A brick exterior can feel out of place and outdated if the inside of your home is sleek and modern. Don’t worry, it’s nothing that a painting project can’t solve.

Now, before you go invest in a three-tier ladder system and power washer, know this––painting exterior brick is no small feat. Painting brick yourself can be a painstaking process. Brick is notorious for being difficult to cover because they are porous and absorb paint. Every groove and side needs to be accounted for, which can become an overwhelming DIY job for the average person. It’s safe to say you should leave this one to the professionals.

Our CertaPro Painters® team consists of highly experienced painting professionals who can give your brick home’s exterior a complete makeover without hassle, headaches, or worry. As a team of highly experienced exterior painting professionals, we will deliver a high-quality finished product you can be truly proud of…and one that will have your neighbors reconsidering their natural brick.

“The best part about painting a home’s brick exterior is that you can restore an older home’s character,” says Paige NeJame, owner of CertaPro Painters® of the South Shore and Boston. “You’re not removing the history or character of the home, you’re just bringing it to more of a modern place that is better aligned with the decor of your interior. The exterior and interior should feel like extensions of one another.”

Reasons to Go With a Professional Painter

Painting a brick exterior requires an extensive prepping phase. The brick must be cleaned of all dirt, mold or surface contaminants using a power washer with just the right amount of force as to not damage the bricks’ mortar. Brick must be prepped, caulked and sealed in any areas that could potentially let water in. There’s a lot of boxes that have to be checked before you even get to the painting phase.

Without a skillful application and knowledge of what paint to use, the paint can wear away and easily chip. Did we mention it’s impossible to go back to your brick’s natural hue once you commit to painted brick? With such a serious commitment, bringing in the professionals will ensure everything from prep to paint is done properly to give you long-lasting results.

Paint Color Selection as Easy as 1, 2, 3

When deciding the perfect color to have your home’s exterior painted, you’re not just going to be selecting one color. Think of this professional painting project as a total refresh for all parts of your home’s exterior, with the brick being the largest part. Exteriors look best when a combination of three colors are used: a main color, secondary color, and accent color.

Your main color will be the color you select for your brick. We’ll get into brick paint color ideas a bit later, but this is going to be a color that will stand the test of time. Consider things like your neighborhood, landscaping, and aesthetic of your home’s interior. If you think you may be relocating in a few years, select a color with universal curb appeal rather than a color that makes a bold statement.

Your secondary color is one that will be used for the trim of the house in places like gutters, planters, porch features, windows, railings or the garage door. They may not be a large surface area, but even the subtle addition of a secondary color can add depth and balance to what could otherwise look too uniform. Typically, this secondary color should be more neutral than the final color in the equation, the accent color.

The accent color is your opportunity to pull in a bold, eye-catching color you love that wouldn’t be appropriate to cover your whole house in. The front door is the perfect place to show off some personality. A sunshine yellow or fire-engine red front door can certainly make a statement, but dark, moody colors can be just as impactful and inviting. It’s all about selecting a color that works for you. After all, you’re the one who is going to be walking through that door each and every day. Pick a color that makes you happy!

Now, if you’re thinking, “I’ve honestly never paid much attention to the outside of my home. I have no clue what color palette would make sense,” the team at CertaPro Painters® can help. Your home’s exterior is on display all of the time, so it’s important to nail the color palette. CertaPro Painters® has a helpful color visualizer that lets you see what your home would look like with different color palettes. You can upload your own exterior photo of your home or choose from a library of existing images to explore brick home paint ideas. Check it out!

Our Favorite Exterior Color Picks Right Now

China White (PM-20): This Benjamin Moore neutral is a soft exterior choice for those looking for a clean refresh. Cream painted brick houses are the perfect modern farmhouse vibe. To pair with this neutral, we love New Born’s Eyes (1663) for an accent color and Cheating Heart (1617) for a secondary color. That darker choice for a secondary color really elevates the color palette to be bold despite its neutral counterparts.

Boston Brick (2029-30): Also from Benjamin Moore, this color is for those that love the color of traditional brick, but want to create a more uniform and clean look for their home’s exterior. We love this deep russet brown when paired with Vanilla Ice Cream (2154-70). The latter is a creamy off-white that has just a touch of yellow and is the ultimate crowd-pleasing shade as timelessly loved as its namesake. For a front door, we’d pair with Cypress Green (509), which can also play well off your home’s existing greenery.

Inkwell (SW 6992): This dark neutral from Sherwin-Williams would look great for an exterior painting project when paired with a brighter secondary neutral, like Snowbound (SW 7004) for trim. We’d suggest choosing a bright neutral for the front door as well since the main color is so moody and dramatic. The light and dark contrast adds depth to the overall look.

When you’re ready to up your curb-appeal game, call on the CertaPro Painters® team for exterior house painting services. An estimator can visit your home to gather all the details about the project and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate and project timeline. Call to schedule a free estimate today at 1-800-689-7271 or schedule one online through our website.

Painting brick is not appropriate for all homes. You should never paint molded, deteriorating or chipped brick. Brick that is  in bad shape are more susceptible to moisture that can worsen when paint is applied. Expert painters know exactly what to look out for to ensure that your brick is adequately repaired, prepped, and able to be painted.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your home’s exterior but want a less permanent change, the team at CertaPro Painters® provides other exterior services like porch staining, power washing, or even a fresh coat of paint to your front door to get your home in shape for the warm-weather months.