5 Reasons Fall Is The Perfect Exterior Painting Season
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5 Reasons Fall Is The Perfect Exterior Painting Season

Posted on October 30, 2018

As the warm days of summer start to get shorter and cooler, there is still time to complete your outdoor painting projects before the frigid and wet weather of winter arrives.

With summer trips winding down and the kids heading back to school, fall provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back and look closely at your entire house. What painting projects need to be done? Start a list and then make a plan to tackle each of those projects before the first snowfall.

“Autumn is a season of transition. It’s a time when homeowners are still finishing outdoor projects but also looking to prepare for winter – and that can also mean looking at interior projects,” says Alex Lewis, Residential Sales Brand Manager for CertaPro Painters®, Ltd.

“What’s convenient about working with CertaPro Painters® is that once our painters are on site, we can handle exterior projects and then transition inside to help you get a jump on your interior projects.”

Time is short, so you might want to consider hiring professionals with a solid reputation for quality and delivery to fit in all of your fall home projects before the cold weather hits. Don’t kick these projects to next year while there’s still time; not only will you just end up with a bigger home maintenance checklist, autumn is actually the perfect season for exterior painting.

Here are five of the most important reasons to paint between September and November that you should keep in mind as you create your fall home maintenance checklist:

1. The Outdoor Temperature is Just Right

The cooler days of fall are great for exterior painting in most parts of the country. Exterior painting typically requires an air temperature of about 50 degrees or more (although some paints will be okay when applied at lower temperatures) or the painting process will be negatively affected. That means autumn is perfect exterior painting weather in most of the country.

2. Less Fluctuation in Temperature

Another factor that could affect how your paint is applied and how fast it dries is dramatic swings in temperature. In the fall, temperatures tend to fluctuate less between the hottest part of the day and the coolest part of the night than they do during summer and winter months. This is a good thing for exterior painting!

3. Not as Humid

The fall is typically not as humid as summer months tend to be. This is particularly true in coastal and more tropical areas of the country. Humidity can cause problems with your paint’s finish after it dries, so it makes sense to paint the exterior of your home in the fall rather than the summer.

4. Less Rain

Moisture in any form isn’t good for painting. Just as too much humidity can negatively affect your paint job, so can rain. Sporadic and torrential rains and record flooding have plagued homeowners all summer; this kind of surprise weather causes delays that can make your home painting projects take days or weeks longer than you originally expected. If you wait to do your exterior painting projects until the fall, you’ll have less rain and fewer delays.

5. More Comfortable Conditions

Whether you decide to paint the exterior of your home yourself or hire professionals to do it for you, one thing is certain; the house painter will be much happier working in the fall. That’s because it’s cooler, drier, and there are fewer bugs to bother you and get stuck in your fresh paint!

Getting Your Interior and Exterior Painting Done at the Same Time

With the kids out of the house at school, many families choose the fall for both their exterior painting and interior painting projects. The holidays are coming, friends and family will be visiting, and you want your house to look its best when they arrive. Painting is an affordable, quick way to give your home a makeover that will make you thrilled to be the host of this year’s Thanksgiving dinner for your extended family.

When you work with professional house painters like the team at CertaPro Painters®, you’ll have a crew of qualified people available to tackle your room painting, trim painting, cabinet or floor painting, and other painting projects in addition to painting the outside of your home. It’s convenient and will ultimately save you time and money to have multiple projects completed at the same time.

Once you complete your list of fall painting projects, contact CertaPro Painters® for a free estimate. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective ways to package our high-quality services, so you can tick off everything on your painting list without breaking your budget this fall.