How to Manage Commercial Painting Projects Across a National Portfolio
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How to Manage Commercial Painting Projects Across a National Portfolio

Posted on February 28, 2020

If you have centralized decision making and multiple properties—across a region, throughout the nation or even in Canada—you need to partner with a robust commercial painting organization that can provide:

Commercial painter spraying a wall.

  • Commercial painting for national accounts
  • Local coverage virtually anywhere in the U.S. and Canada
  • Project coordination between you and local commercial painting contractors in each community where you have a property—so that you don’t have to coordinate multiple resources in diverse locations for re-branding and refresh projects
  • Professional commercial painting account management to help you solve business problems, such as logistics, timing and resource management
  • Experienced commercial painting professionals who understand your budgetary needs and how much you value time and resources
  • High level technical expertise and excellence in commercial painting projects

What are your options?

Commercial painter spraying a ceiling.

  1. Many so called “national account” commercial painting contractors claim that they have local services; however, these services are typically subcontracted to traveling commercial painters. As a result, when the project is “over” and there are one or more follow-ups required, the painters are often long gone and getting them to return to the job site can be time consuming and costly.
  2. A large commercial painting organization with franchised business owners who are entrenched in local markets and are highly motivated to make the customer happy. Their goal should be to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships that result in clients for life—not transactional relationships.

The second option will make your life a lot easier than the first.

In evaluating such a resource, you’ll want to ask the following questions:

  1. How do you remove the hassle of managing multiple commercial painting relationships, a large organization or multiple smaller organizations?
  2. Do you provide account management to coordinate every commercial painting project between your clients and your local resources?
  3. How much actual control do you have over local commercial painting contractors?
  4. How many local commercial painting business owners and painters are in your network?
  5. How do you optimize speed, efficiency and proficiency when engaged in commercial rebrand and refresh projects?
  6. Are your commercial painting contractors fully compliant with regulatory authorities including OSHA and Labor Boards?
  7. How much commercial general liability insurance do they have?
  8. Are they required to complete commercial painting training?
  9. Do the painters have high-level technical know-how, including in-depth knowledge of paint and commercial painting expertise?
  10. Do you provide ancillary services often required to make capital improvements, such as light carpentry and repairs?

Perhaps the most important question of all is: how do you compare to CertaPro Painters® with its coverage throughout North America, 360 local commercial painting business owners, 5,000 painters, and industry leading ability to deliver personalized service to 25,000 business and commercial properties annually—all facilitated by strategic account management?