5 Reasons You Should be Painting for the Mood You Want
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5 Reasons You Should be Painting for the Mood You Want

Posted on December 18, 2018

  • Did you know color can influence how you feel?
  • It’s called color psychology.
  • A smart color choice can create the perfect feeling for the function of your space.
  • Learn about how the paint colors affect your mood throughout the day.Select the best paint colors for the mood you’re looking for.

“What’s your favorite color?” It’s a classic conversation starter. Whether it’s in first grade or on a first date, people pose the question looking to get a glimpse into someone’s personality. What they’re really asking is, “Why is it your favorite color?”. A color can be what makes you feel happy or calm. They can make you feel inspired or remind you of your favorite place. In fact, wall colors and moods go hand in hand.

So how will a rooms color change your mood?

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, colors are deeply tied to emotions and behavior. It’s called color psychology. Colors carry both personal and cultural meaning––black at a funeral as a sign of mourning, the red of a stop sign to create a sense of urgency or the color of your childhood walls that has the power to transport you back to simpler times. Colors evoke emotional responses. They have the power to change your mood, for better or worse.

When it comes to choosing the color of an interior wall, why consider channeling the colors that pair well with both the function and mood you want from your space.

If the pressure of selecting a color puts you in a bad mood, look at some calming blue options to relax––after that, give the experts at CertaPro Painters® a call. We can walk you through a color consultation to help you find the perfect palette for your interior painting project.

If you’re still on the fence about giving your interior walls a refresh, here are some ways a new color choice can have a positive impact on your day:

Paint Color Can Make You More Productive

If you’re having trouble focusing in your home office, the problem might be all around you. Let your line of work help decide the color for your workspace.

If your job requires you to do desk work all day, blue is considered the best color to spark productivity and keep you focused.

Those who work in creative roles may do better with a bright yellow to stimulate spirits and encourage innovative thinking.

If your job gets hectic and you need some help staying grounded and calm, a serene green can give you the reassurance you need that you can handle the stressful task-at-hand.

It Can Calm You Down After a Long Day

When it comes to color theory, there are two main buckets of colors: warm and cool.

Warm colors are reds, yellows and oranges that evoke feelings of warmth and passion. Cool colors such as blues, greens and purples tend to calm people with associations to nature.

For example Ash Violet 6549 by Sherwin-Williams is a cool color and is a good choice for whatever room you retreat to after a long day. Maybe it’s the bathroom for a long bath, the living room for some screen time or the bedroom where you wind down for bedtime with a book.

Home should be your place of solace and comfort. Calming colors like a rich hue or light pastel can transform your space into something totally serene.

It Can Create a Sense of Nostalgia

Think about the color of your favorite piece of clothing.

How about the blue of the ocean during last year’s dreamy vacation or the colors of the flowers on your wedding day?

Colors have the power to stir up some serious nostalgic memories. When selecting a paint color for a room refresh, think about some positive associations you have with certain hues.

Walking into a room each day and being reminded of a wonderful time or place in your past may be just the kind of nostalgic warm-and-fuzzies your day needs.

It Can Lift Your Spirits

Yellow tops the list of colors people associate with all-things-happy.

Smiley faces, sunflowers and sunshine all have a way of making people smile. Happy colors like a bright yellow could be a great choice for a foyer color as the first thing you see before you head out to begin your day and the first thing that greets you when you return.

A lighter, butter yellow like Benjamin Moore Traditional Yellow in a kitchen or bathroom can put you in a positive mood as you have your morning coffee and get ready for the day.

Orange is another color that combines the happiness of yellow with the passion of red to create an energetic feeling. “The color orange can be used for its energy and confidence-boosting powers,” says John Jordan, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Northwestern Indiana.“It’s a great choice for a hosting space like a dining room or kitchen where you’ll be spending time with friends and family.”

It Can Clear Your Mind

Color can also be used to calm things down.

If you already have furniture or accent pieces full of colorful personality or just want to create a modern, contemporary feel, the color white can balance things out and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

White also has the ability to make a room feel much more spacious than it already is, which can be a great solution if you’re feeling negative about a room being too cramped. “The color white is a purveyor of cleanliness that reflects more light than other colors,” says John Jordan, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Northwestern Indiana. “White is anything but boring.”

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Remember, everyone has their own personal associations with specific colors.

Choosing the ideal paint color for your interior project will be a direct reflection on the things you love and the mood you want to set, but CertaPro Painters® is here to help you along the way. You choose the colors and we’ll make sure the paint is applied just right so you get the best results.

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