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Re-energize your Bedroom with New Paint Colors

Where do you find the most distinctive expression of decorating taste? In the bedroom, of course. It is the first sight when you wake and the last sight when going to bed. The bedroom is your most personal space in your home. It is a space that is important for providing a comfortable, supportive and individual environment to start and end your day. Consider putting master bedroom painting at the top of your interior painting projects list!

CertaPro Painters can turn any bedroom into a tranquil place in your home. Our expert staff is committed to delivering a professional quality paint project that is synonymous with our name and brand promise to you.

Why Choose CertaPro Painters®?

Our professionals help you with design guidance, offer new fresh ideas, explore different door and trim options, and explain paint considerations and paint colors. By hiring us, you can relax and start enjoying your personal space in a newly transformed and relaxing bedroom.

You can relax with CertaPro Painters professional bedroom painting process:

  • Set-up– Items are covered with clean, new plastic sheeting. All floors are protected with drop cloths.
  • Prepare– Based on your requests, holes and cracks in ceilings and walls are filled; stains are sealed. and surfaces are scuff sanded.
  • Paint– Repaired areas are primed and premium quality paint is applied for a uniform finish.
  • Clean– We treat your home just like it is our own – with the utmost care and respect. Therefore, we try to leave everything right where we found it and we pay close attention to doing a thorough job cleaning the work area.
  • Inspect– After our own inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the space, giving you the opportunity to review our work and to provide any initial feedback.

bedroom color ideas

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Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

You can use our color resources to help you find the best color palette for your private space. Here are a few tips and examples that CertaPro Painters thinks will help get your creative process started.

Using similar colors on the walls and ceilings of adjoining spaces conveys a sense of openness with unity.

Topping off a deep hue with a fresh, light color adds height to an older room with a low ceiling.

Big and bold themes done in wall paints are an inexpensive way to create an out-of-the-ordinary sleeping space.

bedroom paint colors

Popular Bedroom Paint Colors & Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Discover a range of tasteful bedroom paint color ideas that will transform your sleeping space into a refined sanctuary. From subtle pastels like calming blues and gentle pinks that promote relaxation, to timeless neutrals such as muted greys and warm beiges that exude sophistication, there’s a shade to suit every aesthetic.


The color blue is known to soothe the mind and promote physical relaxation. It helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate and people tend to be more productive in blue rooms.

blue painted bedroom


Green is known to improve vision, due to the fact that it is the easiest color on the human eye. People used to relax in “green rooms”. There is a reason it is one of the most popular decorating colors!

green painted room


The color black is considered the most stylish and timeless color and when done in the right way, is an excellent color for bedroom walls. It sleek and stylish.

black painted bedroom


Vivid bedrooms are mostly out of vogue, giving way for the pale cousins. Relaxation comes in droves with walls of lavender, pale blue, light yellow, and barely green. The colors pull in calmness without being bland. Each hue creates a room that feels bigger than it is and works well with other colors. It’s simple elegance you can live in.

pale painted bedroom


Gray is the new neutral. Long gone is beige and white is out, so go for this new, easy to work with favorite. The modern color is a great base to create a pulled-together room. Gray has replaced white as a staple color, be it barely there or deeply dark.

gray room

More Inspiration for Bedroom Color Selection

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