Why Smart Homeowners Paint In The Summer (And The Colors They’re Using In 2018)

Posted on May 24, 2018

Why Smart Homeowners Paint In The Summer (And The Colors They’re Using In 2018)

Summer was made for paint, and paint was made for summer. The less rain, the better. Warm and welcoming? Check! And those consistent, elevated temperatures? Forget about it. Summer is a slam dunk for home exterior painting.

If you want to get some outside work completed this summer to rejuvenate both you and your home, painting is the perfect summer project for you to accomplish, and we’ll break down the important reasons why.

Additionally, if you’re ready to have professional home painters get started on your home painting project, then below are a few tips on “what’s hot” in color trends to inspire your creativity.

Why Summer?

Having an outdoor home project completed doesn’t sound ideal on those high-heat days, so you might think spring or fall are more temperate seasons for a big painting project. The problem is that spring and fall can be very unpredictable when it comes to the weather.

You can only apply paint to a dry surface. Wait at least a day following a hard rain to have paint applied. A surface that’s dry to the touch may still be saturated under the surface and cause issues later. Professional exterior painters know this and can advise you on the best time and days to paint.

As moisture evaporates over the course of a clear day, it can negatively affect drying paint. Fortunately, summer has plenty of rain-free days to quickly dry unwanted wetness. Beware of dew that forms overnight. An experienced exterior house painter knows not to touch the brush until their pallet has properly dried.

What’s the public enemy number one of exterior paint? Low temperatures. Summer offers the largest window for optimal temperatures. Back in the golden age of exterior painting, 50 degrees Fahrenheit was the minimum necessary temperature for paint to cure properly. Today, the average cutoff line for most paints is 40 degrees thanks to advances in technology. Some can dry without issue all the way down to 35 degrees.

For those of you who call the northern U.S. and southern Canada home, this means that you can technically push to November to complete your projects before the cold sets in. Southern birds may be able to stretch this into December. Of course, inclement seasonal weather doesn’t run on your schedule, so getting your project in during the summer months is still the safest bet.

When it comes to perfect painting weather, summer has it in spades. The pleasant temperatures allow exterior paint to cure at an ideal rate. Paint early in the season to seal away rot from winter water damage. The result will be a finish that extends the lifespan and quality of your exterior paint.

Now, all that’s left is selecting your pallet!

Summer 2018: Here’s What’s Trending in Home Exterior Colors

Paint manufacturers do their best to stay a few steps ahead of emerging trends. The hot new colors of today already hit the market 12 to 18 months ago. When it’s time to innovate, the best paint brands are already stocked with a full arsenal of cutting-edge paint color ideas.

2018 is marked by “muddy” and “muted” colors. Think light grays, off-whites, and blacks with a splash red, green, or blue. Likewise, soft olives, deep blues, purples, and berry-reds muddled with darker tones mark this summer’s home decor landscape.

The right colors can draw attention away from less desirable areas and highlight attractive ones. If you’re planning on selling your house within the next few years, stick to neutral tones with the occasional vibrant accent.

Warm, neutral colors stand the test of time. They pull from natural elements like brick, stone, and wood. Nature-inspired hues seamlessly fuse the interior and exterior of your home. Draw from the colors in your home’s interior and bring them outside. The effect will be a seamless and inviting transition for new visitors.

Make a statement with a bold front entrance. An unapologetically orange door framed in pearly-white trim can add a touch of flair without coming across as too boisterous.

Home Exterior Color Combos to Sizzle or Soothe

The trending colors of summer 2018 are gentle on the eyes and easy on the soul. Nature’s aesthetics have been plopped into a paint bucket, and are ripe for the plucking.

Certain colors are more soothing than others. Colors pulled from natural elements reduce stress with gentle shades that are effortless to absorb.

A muddy pink touched with a hint of honey-gold inspires self-reflection. Light pink is tranquilizing, but if it isn’t your cup of tea, a shadowy gray infused with lilac can have a similar effect.

Light colors, like a vibrant yellow, can infuse a space with a feeling of spaciousness and energy by pulling from the sun. An organic olive-brown can provide a protective sensation of being wrapped in mother nature. For a taste of optimism, contrast an off-white with a deep blue that mirrors the ocean and sky.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to send a message to the neighborhood that your home is alive and well. A well-cured coat of exterior paint communicates good vibes and great energy. It’s also a great way to repair your trim and siding from the rot of winter weather.

CertaPro Painters® understands that you have a lot of fun to squeeze in this summer. Let them do the painting while you enjoy your summer days. Hey, you can’t man a barbecue, play with your kids, and paint a house at the same time. CertaPro Painters® is happy to be your extra set of hands this summer season. Call 1-800-689-7271 or start the process of getting your free painting estimate.

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