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Restoring Rotten Wood to its Former Beauty

Exterior wood window shutters and trim work, door jams, soffits, and fencing – most frequently constructed of pine, redwood or cedar – are widely used to enhance the appearance of multi-family residential and commercial structures throughout North America. However, exterior wood does require routine maintenance to protect from moisture-driven and insect wood rot, in order to sustain the property’s curb appeal and value.

Should rotten wood occur through neglected maintenance, or other causes, proper carpentry repairs are best left to professionals at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® near you.

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How to Fix Rotten Wood

When wood rot is not severe a suitable solution may be to simply sand smooth and adequately seal it to avoid further damage. Smaller deteriorated spaces and holes can be filled with wood putty, then sanded, repainted or stained. These short-term rotten wood solutions may be sufficient to repair minor wood defects.

More severe wood rot however needs to be completely replaced for long-term service. When replacing the wood, a better wood selection may also be necessary. New wood too needs to be properly sanded and sealed to prevent recurring wood rot in the future. Many types of sealants are available and choosing the proper sealant is vital for your wood type and climate. Selecting the wrong sealant can lead to additional damage to your wood. This is where the commercial professionals at CertaPro Painters® can really help.

Proper Rotten Wood Repair by Professional Contractors

Correct methods to repair rotten wood begin with assessing the damage to decide which parts of the wood need to be repaired or replaced. Missing a single piece of rotten wood may harm the rest of the structure depending on the core reasons for the initial rot. Proper wood selection and preparation is essential to make sure the repair matches the current carpentry, thereby maintaining the overall appearance of the property. Properly prepping and sealing the wood will ensure that the repaired pieces are long-lasting.

Working with the professionals at CertaPro Painters® always helps to ensure that your commercial exterior wood surfaces are properly repaired and sealed with the correct products.