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Commercial Vinyl Siding Repair & Repainting

Vinyl siding is a widely used exterior option for many commercial properties. Its attractive appearance, long lasting lifespan and low maintenance expense are all favored benefits. Over time, vinyl siding can become dated and less desirable due to fading or damage from dents and splits. Moisture leaks may also result. Replacement is an option, however many property owners don’t fully understand that hiring professional commercial painters to repaint vinyl siding quickly restores its appearance at a fraction of the cost of new siding, or other exterior materials.

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How to Repair Damaged Vinyl Siding

To repair damaged portions of your vinyl siding, it may be necessary to replace some damaged pieces. When doing so it’s important to select the correct siding type and to select a siding with a finish texture to match the rest of the property. Special attention to the proper installation methods helps ensure lasting weather protection and enhanced curb appeal.

Vinyl siding that has faded and become dated with time can be painted to last much longer when done properly. This solution can be a wise choice. While in the past painting vinyl was not recommended, significant improvements in paint technology and training for commercial painting crews today make this a viable, highly preferred option. Care in correct surface preparation, applying a suitable primer and selecting the top performing paints all ensure a lasting good appearance. It’s best to hire a commercial painting contractor to ensure that your vinyl is properly repaired and correctly painted.

Proper Repair and Repainting of Vinyl Siding from Highly Skilled Commercial Painters

Choosing the correct products and adhering to proper installation methods is essential when repairing vinyl siding. Depend on CertaPro Painters®, always a preferred option for all vinyl siding repair and repainting projects.

Repair of siding has many technical aspects that may not be readily apparent. For example, mounting siding around doors, windows, and corners requires the correct tools for installation. It is also important to know how much of the siding to repair or replace. As for repainting siding, specialized prep work is imperative. If the siding is not properly cleaned and prepped, the paint may not adhere correctly to the siding. The selected paint also needs to be 100% acrylic to expand and contract with temperature swings, as well as be marked “vinyl-safe” by the manufacturer. Working with a commercial painting professional at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise near you will ensure that the proper installation methods and the proper paint application are followed.