Urethane Joint Expansion Sealing Solutions

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Urethane Joint Expansion Sealing Solutions for Commercial Concrete

Full-width cuts for expansion joints are necessary in concrete floors and walls to allow the concrete to expand and contract without cracking. They isolate different parts of the slab so that the whole slab can move without straining certain portions more than others. When these expansion joints aren’t periodically sealed, elements like rainwater can penetrate under the concrete to cause freeze-thaw or erosion damage in your business or commercial property. Hence, it’s important to be proactive to protect against moisture penetration and using a high-performance urethane sealing solution is often the best answer for lasting protection of your business.

Proper Commercial Sealant Application by Professional Contractors

It’s important to use a top-quality sealant on many concrete surfaces. Urethane sealants are high-performing, especially in areas with moderate to high traffic, and can typically last five to ten years. Incredibly flexible, urethane sealants are a popular choice among professionals since the organic material in urethanes is well-suited for temperature extremes. But several factors come into play when choosing the correct one for different concrete sealing projects. Factors like temperature, joint size, and overall environment come into play when selecting the right kind of urethane coating for your business or commercial property.

When it comes to sealing joints and expansions in existing concrete, it’s important that the job is done properly the first time to ensure long-term success for your business. Professional commercial contractors, like those at your independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters®, perform these jobs with assurance that sealing is done properly and results will be long-lasting.