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Metal doors are both exceptionally strong and highly durable, making them ideal for commercial properties, but they are also prone to rust. Exposure to oxygen, carbon dioxide and moisture causes rust to develop on many metal doors. Instead of going to the expense of replacing metal doors in commercial buildings, these doors can often be restored and repainted by the professional commercial painters at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise near you to regain an attractive look and to extend their life for many years.

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How to Quickly Fix a Rusty Metal Door

Rust on the metal door to your commercial property will continue to deteriorate without proper attention. Left unrepaired, rust will expand and overtime deteriorate surface and structural sections as it eats through the door. Removing rusty surfaces on metal doors, then applying rust inhibiting coatings can bring a fresh, attractive look that will extend the useful life of metals doors for years to come. Taking shortcuts when painting rusty metal doors will only cost you more time and money in the long run. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional commercial painter to ensure that your metal doors are properly repaired and painted.

The Right Way to Properly Repaint Rusty Metal Doors with a Professional Commercial Painter

Using the correct preparation methods and paint are essential when repainting any rusty metal door. The correct tools need to be used in order to properly remove all rust before repainting. Dents and holes also need to be filled correctly, so they don’t detract from the look of your finished door or allow future moisture penetration. The doors also need to be primed and sanded between each coat of paint so the paint properly adheres to the metal. Working with a professional commercial painting contractor like CertaPro Painters® will ensure metal doors are properly prepared, painted, and restored. Depend on CertaPro Painters®, always a preferred option for all rusty metal door painting projects.