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Commercial Re-Branding and Signage Painting Solutions

Opening a new business in a location that previously housed a different business can be a smart and economical decision. It costs less than constructing a new building, takes less time, and often the existing set-up by a previous owner is already a reasonably good fit for the new business. The commercial space will at a minimum need fresh re-branding and new signage to fit its new purpose, if not a complete makeover. Whether your space merely requires painting and signage, or a complete retrofit, it’s a good idea to work with commercial painting contractors like those at your independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® business to ensure that all the work is done properly and on schedule for your business.

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Commercial Re-Branding and Signage by Professional Painting Contractors

When re-branding a commercial space, it’s important to get the painting and signage completed correctly and quickly. If your building’s previous owners had dark color walls, it may take some work to properly cover the space with new, lighter and brighter colors. The type and texture of the walls and other paintable surfaces are important as well. Different surfaces require different types of preparation before painting. Wood paneled walls, for example, require different paint and prep than drywall surfaces. Re-branding can also include signage either as part of the wall painting process, or strategically displayed throughout the commercial space. Getting the re-branding and commercial signage wrong is costly, not just because it may need to be re-done, but it may delay the planned business opening as well.

Working with a professional commercial painting service like CertaPro Painters® will help to ensure that the walls and other surfaces are properly repaired and prepared prior to being painted. CertaPro Painters® will also ensure that your commercial signage works within your re-branding strategy

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