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Large-Scale Commercial Power Washing

Power washing is the process of using high powered water to sufficiently clean surfaces such as parking lots, building siding, brick pathways, and other surfaces on and around business and commercial properties. Different from pressure washing, power washing heats the water in combination with pressurizing it for a more thorough cleaning of stained and dirty surfaces. Where large-scale projects require cleaning, such as commercial building siding, walkways or parking lots, power washing may be the preferred option to clean and restore your facility to its former beauty.

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Power Washing Services for Commercial Properties

When parking lots, aged siding, brick pathways, or other hardscape surfaces are slightly dirty and grimy due to infrequent upkeep and cleaning, simply pressure washing the surface may work. However, pressure washing may not be sufficient to get a surface completely clean. Choosing to power wash with select nozzles needed depending on the surface being cleaned and the type of staining and soiling to remove, requires special techniques and equipment, especially to reach higher surfaces. Cleaning solutions may need to be added to heated water for adequate power washing to aid in the cleaning of commercial surfaces. Experience in selecting the proper cleaning solution will avoid damage to the surface that may change its appearance. Large-scale power washing projects do take a lot of time and often prove daunting without skilled and experienced professionals and proper equipment. So it’s always best to hire the professionals at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® near you to ensure that your large-scale commercial power washing project runs smoothly and results in an outstanding finished project.

Proper Large-Scale Power Washing by Professional Contractors

Using the correct equipment, water temperature, nozzles, and cleaning solutions are essential when power washing. Large-scale power washing projects require technical knowledge to determine proper pressures and correct nozzle use. Choosing incorrectly can damage surfaces. Working with a professional service like CertaPro Painters® will help to ensure that the proper equipment and methods are employed for your power washing project. From stadiums and hospitals to retirement homes, apartments, and office buildings, the professionals at CertaPro Painters® arrive with all the tools needed and ready to operate safely and with great results.