Pest Control Using Mesh or Elastomeric Caulks

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Pest Control Using Mesh or Elastomeric Caulks Applied by Professional Contractors

Ideally, you should never have to deal with rodents and insects making their way into your business or commercial property. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence as buildings age and periodic inspection and preventative maintenance are overlooked. Even though the task of plugging small, pest-sized holes in a building seems menial, it’s important. Proper sealing ensures that additional pests and accompanying annoyances such as insects, birds, bats, snakes and more, are unable to set up house in your commercial property. Often incorrect materials are used to seal these openings and the work is not properly completed. That’s why it’s important to contact the professional painting contractors at your independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® to handle the job for you.

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Elastomeric Caulk is a Wise Choice for Business or Commercial Properties

This technical-sounding caulk isn’t so technical. Elastomeric refers to whether or not a material returns to its original size once it has been stretched or compressed. Nearly all other caulking materials are non-elastomeric, so they’re a poor solution for pest control. On the other hand, a sealant (different than a sealer) that is elastomeric can be used to control many types of pests from entering your building. The trick is choosing the right one. Several factors should come into consideration when choosing the desired sealant including the amount of movement expected in a joint you’re sealing, the surface of the area you’re sealing, and annual temperature conditions to name a few. Choosing the wrong sealant won’t control pest problems. Neither will working with inexperienced solutions companies. So, working with a professional commercial painting service like CertaPro Painters® is always a preferred choice.

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How to Use Mesh to Ward-Off Pests in Your Building

Another material used to help ward off unwanted pests is mesh plugs made of copper or even steel wool. Typically used to plug holes in the wall around a plumbing fixture, these solutions are great as short-term solutions, but not outstanding as a long- term solution. That’s because like a sealant, many factors are involved that allow mesh to be a dependable solution. Things like temperature, moisture, movement of a joint and even the type of rodent or pest you’re battling will determine if mesh is an effective material.

When it comes to proper pest control using mesh or elastomeric caulks, it’s important the job is done properly the first time to ensure long-term success. It’s always best for the professionals, like those at CertaPro Painters®, to tackle these jobs. Not only will hiring professionals save you time and money, they’ll give you peace-of-mind knowing your job was done right the first time.