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Parapet / Roof Wall Repair & Painting

Parapets are small walls along the top of a building where the exterior walls meet the business or commercial building’s roof. Because of their exposure to the elements, parapets are more likely to crack than other parts of your stucco exterior. The heat from direct sun exposure, change in temperature overnight, and rain and snow exposure can have a damaging effect.

How to Identify Parapet Issues for Business or Commercial Properties

Be sure to look carefully for cracks and severe fading. Greater exposure to the elements along the parapet can cause the paint color to fade faster than other parts of your stucco. Sometimes, a parapet repair involves a simple patch and paint. But bigger repairs may be necessary depending on the extent of the damage. For example, if the mesh under the stucco is damaged, portions of stucco may need to removed and replaced on your business or commercial property. If the parapet of your stucco exterior shows damage and is in need of repair, it’s a good idea to have the repair completed by the professional commercial painting contractors at your local independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® to ensure that it’s done correctly to prevent additional damage and preserve your commercial or business property’s appearance.

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Proper Commercial Parapet Repairs by Professional Contractors

When repairing stucco parapets, it’s important to first identify the extent of the damage. Is there just a crack in the stucco’s surface? Is the damage more extensive with rusted or broken metal? A simple crack can be filled and painted. More extensive damage may require several feet of the stucco to be removed and replaced. Without careful examination of the damage, the eventual repairs may not be successful, causing more damage and money in the long run. Along with damage assessment and repairs, it is important for the look of your building that any paint colors used match the rest of your exterior. Not doing so will make the repair work stick out and hurt the look of your building.

Working with a professional commercial service like CertaPro Painters® will help to ensure that the damage to your parapet is properly assessed, repaired and painted. CertaPro Painters® will always make sure the correct techniques are used and products are applied to manufacturer’s specifications.