Managing Masonry Coating Repairs

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Managing Masonry Coating Repairs for Commercial Properties

Masonry exterior finishes, whether stone, brick, terra cotta or adobe, are highly desired, attractive business or commercial exterior options. The longevity of all masonry materials depends on the mortar used and the size of the masonry itself. In addition, many commercial masonry exteriors are able to preserve their attractive appearance and protect the stonework, terra cotta or adobe from eroding when also coated with a protective sealer. When choosing and applying the proper sealer, it’s a good idea to get professional advice. Skilled and experienced professional contractors, like those at CertaPro Painters®, can offer sound advice and properly seal your masonry.

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Commercial Masonry Coating Repairs by Professional Contractors

When repairing masonry coatings, it’s important to first make any repairs to the masonry itself. Masonry that shows cracking or has portions crumbling away are issues that need to be repaired properly before applying a masonry coating sealer. Ignoring these issues can lead to additional damage and greater expense in the future.

Additionally, it’s important to clean and prepare the masonry surface properly prior to applying a seal coating. Without this step, a sealer may not adhere well to the surface and the masonry will not be protected as expected. Since many types of sealers are available, selecting the correct product for a specific masonry surface is vital to ensuring the project is properly completed for your business or commercial property. Working with a professional service like CertaPro Painters® will ensure that the proper repairs, preparation, and cleaning are performed before applying the best suited seal coating.

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