Commercial High-Durability Paint Coatings

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High-Durability Paint Coatings Protect Business and Commercial Properties

Commercial properties and industrial buildings typically require specialized, heavy-duty, high-performance coatings to withstand the workplace and environmental burdens placed upon them.

The professional contractors at independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchised businesses understand these challenges. They know proper building substrate repair and preparation will lead to long-lasting results. Experienced commercial painting specialists reliably deliver top quality work with cost-conscious recommendations – all while minimizing business disruption.


Competitive Pricing For All Commercial Painting Projects

There can be a temptation for property managers to pursue short-term solutions, but they don’t last and can potentially cost more in the long run. The commercial painting contractors at CertaPro Painters® are knowledgeable and skilled in working within defined budgets to maximize results for your commercial painting projects.

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High-Performance Paint Coatings for Heavily Traffic Areas

For high traffic areas in any commercial building, paints and coatings with superior scuff and stain resistance are the wise choice. Not only are these products better able to resist marks, but scuffs and stains are also far easier to scrub off without leaving noticeable blemishes.

Choosing egg-shell, medium or high gloss paints and coatings help sustain an attractive appearance longer and resist discoloration. CertaPro Painters® knows the intricacies of high-performance paints and coatings selection, plus how to properly apply them over previously painted surfaces to achieve years of high-performance.