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Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Applying and repairing epoxy floor coatings for business and commercial buildings with extended durability in mind takes skill and experience. The floor coating specialists at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise near you will ensure that your commercial epoxy floor coating project is planned and completed successfully.





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Professional Epoxy Floor Coatings are Always a Wise Investment

Concrete flooring in commercial areas without an epoxy coating can be a hazardous and costly oversight. Uncoated floors stain easily, crack, and often need frequent maintenance. The professional application of an epoxy coating by CertaPro Painters® will extend the life of your flooring, improve appearance, increase safety, and reduce overall maintenance costs. Selecting a commercial painting professional from CertaPro Painters® ensures properly applied epoxy coatings.


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Proper Installation of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coating is a sealant that when applied over concrete floors, extends the life of the surface. Ideal for high-traffic, business, commercial and industrial settings, epoxy coatings provide a high-performance flooring surface that prolongs floor durability and resists staining. Some situations call for polyurea coatings for extra durability and enhanced appearance. You’ll find many benefits when utilizing epoxy coatings for flooring applications. And CertaPro Painters® is a preferred and dependable resource for commercial floor coating application and repair for thousands of commercial property owners—just like you. Applying epoxy floor coatings is a complex process that requires exacting floor preparation. Our commercial floor coating specialists are the experts you need to handle this project for you.

Strong and Durable Epoxy Floor Coatings for Commercial Business Properties

There are many advantages an epoxy floor coating provides for your commercial property. Here are a few of the most significant benefits of epoxy floor coatings:

● Creates a high-gloss surface that brightens interior spaces
● Withstands heavy traffic
● Easy to clean and maintain
● Creates a seamless surface
● Masks concrete chips and cracks when combined with paints and colors
● Can be applied in visible patterns to identify walkways
● Safe for workers, equipment and inventory

When applying epoxy floor coatings, it is essential that the surface be properly prepared. Floors need to be clean and slightly porous for the coatings to adhere properly. The temperature also needs to be correct to ensure that the coating doesn’t bubble or peel. Professional commercial painters at CertaPro Painters® are happy to check your current surfaces and provide you with a detailed epoxy flooring estimate.

Repairing Your Epoxy Floor Coatings

With high-traffic flooring, you may find that time and continued use takes its toll—even on previous epoxy coated floors. An improperly installed epoxy floor coating may reveal problems such as bubbles under the surface, or may not have adhered to the concrete surface well due to inadequate surface preparation. These problems can impact your floor’s durability. Depend on CertaPro Painters® to repair and properly install your epoxy floor coating project to ensure the look and long-lasting durability that you expect with these types of floors.