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of Stains and Deterioration by CertaPro Painters®

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Commercial Concrete Ceiling Repair of Stains and Deterioration

Concrete ceilings are a great building choice for many commercial buildings, since they help reinforce the structure and its load bearing properties. While they take longer and require more expertise to install, a concrete ceiling is often low maintenance and durable. A concrete ceiling also provides extra insulation and can provide the bonus of improved sound proofing. Yet, like other construction materials, concrete ceilings are fallible.

So if you notice stains or deterioration in the concrete ceiling in your commercial building, there often is a larger underlying problem that needs to be fixed, such as movement in your structure, or moisture leaks. Repair of your concrete ceiling may be necessary in order to keep the problem from becoming worse, to stop structural damage, and to restore an attractive ceiling appearance. Whether you have a stain on your concrete ceiling or noticeable deterioration, the professional contractors at CertaPro Painters® can repair the problem to restore your commercial ceiling to its previous condition.

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Temporary Fix for Commercial Concrete Ceilings

Property managers and building owners might be tempted to resort to the least expensive fix for their concrete ceilings. Oftentimes, instructing maintenance crews to paint over the unsightly spot, or patching over it with more concrete. While both of these short-term solutions may work for a time, they won’t last and can potentially cause more harm than good.

Concrete Ceiling Repairs by Professional Contractors

If your concrete ceiling shows signs of deterioration, cracks, or stains, often is a larger problem with your structure should be addressed. When fixing the concrete the correct materials are necessary to ensure the fix holds. Experience has shown that an application of additional cement will not fix the problem because cement shrinks when it dries. Simply painting over stained concrete doesn’t fix the underlying issue either and will likely just bleed through again. Shortcuts taken in the repair process of the are likely to cause continuing problems and additional costs.

First a suitable concrete repair compound needs to be correctly applied to address the damage. So like other structural repairs in your building, contacting professionals to properly repair a concrete ceiling is advised. Repair of concrete ceilings often requires skillful preparation that includes cleaning surfaces and chiseling out concrete in order to apply a concrete repair compound. Proper drying time is essential to make sure the compound adheres correctly, and the finished product often needs to be sanded to help it blend in with the rest of the ceiling. CertaPro Painters® can identify the cause of the problem and make sure it is fixed with the correct products according to manufacturer’s specifications. It’s always best to have a professional examine your concrete ceiling to ensure that the correct products are selected and properly applied for your commercial property.