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Protecting and Waterproofing Brick and Mortar Commercial Building Exteriors

Brick is a popular material widely used on commercial building exteriors. Typically, bricks are held together with mortar which is a material used to bind the brick structure together. While brick and mortar is an appealing look, it is not waterproof. The mortar is porous, so it absorbs water and other moisture, which can cause leaks in a brick building. Water and moisture can also cause efflorescence to appear on bricks. Efflorescence is white staining that appears on the masonry surface because water breaks down the natural salts in brick. So, if you notice either wet stains on the interior walls of your brick building, or you see that your brick is taking on a slightly white hue, it might be time to consider a coating application to slow down water intrusion into your brick and mortar building’s exterior.

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How to Quickly Remove Water Stains

When you notice that your brick and mortar exterior is allowing water into your structure, it’s natural to want to take action. You may consider tarping the exterior to help prevent more water from coming in. And on the interior, you might choose to cover the afflicted area with paint. But neither of these solutions address the root cause of the problem. And both will cost time and money until you finally find a proper long-term fix.

Proper Protection Against Water Intrusion for Brick and Mortar Exteriors

In order to keep your brick and mortar exterior from absorbing water, a brick sealer water repellent can be applied. These products penetrate the brick and mortar to repel water, while they still allow brick to “breathe”. Using the proper water repellent will protect your commercial building’s exterior without harming the masonry—but choosing the wrong one compromises your building. That’s why we recommend that you enlist the help of commercial painting and waterproofing professionals when looking to prevent water intrusion to a building’s exterior since it is important to ensure that the proper product is used and applied correctly.

A qualified exterior business and commercial building waterproofing expert will know how to select the right product for your property’s exterior. A water repellent, not a film forming sealant, should be used. Film forming sealants may cause a hazy look to develop on your brick. And in colder climates, film forming sealants may cause bricks to flake. Water repellents, however, typically don’t discolor your brick and sunlight rarely causes them to break down. But determining which water repellent is right for your brick can be difficult. A professional will ensure that your brick is protected and not damaged further by use of the incorrect product. The professional painters at the independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise near you will be able to select a water repellent that is safe for your building and preserves the look of your brick and mortar exterior. Brick and masonry waterproofing professionals will also make sure the surface is properly prepared and the water repellent is applied according to manufacturer specifications. Consider CertaPro Painters®, always a preferred option for all your brick and mortar waterproofing needs.