Five Tips for Choosing the Right Gray for Your Home!
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Five Tips for Choosing the Right Gray for Your Home!

Posted on August 7, 2017

Choosing the right gray for your home might seem like a straightforward task, but with the myriad of shades available, it can quickly become overwhelming. Gray is a versatile color that can create a serene atmosphere or add a modern edge to your space. However, finding the perfect shade requires careful consideration of undertones, lighting, and existing decor. Here are five tips to help you navigate the world of grays and find the ideal hue for your home.

  1. Know your grays. Grays are not just about being neutral; they can have warm or cool undertones that greatly impact the overall feel of a room. Warm grays tend to have hints of red or brown, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, cool grays may contain undertones of blue or green, imparting a crisp and refreshing vibe. Take a close look at your furniture, flooring, and other elements in the room to determine whether warm or cool undertones will complement your existing decor.
  2. Let your color scheme determine the best shade. Your existing color scheme should serve as a guiding principle when choosing a gray paint. Consider the dominant colors in your furniture, flooring, and draperies, as they will influence how different shades of gray appear in the space. If you’re working with warm tones, opt for a gray with complementary warm undertones. Similarly, cool tones will pair well with grays that have cooler undertones. By aligning your paint choice with your color scheme, you can create a harmonious and cohesive look throughout the room.
  3. Don’t forget contrast. Neutral paint schemes rely on contrast to create visual interest and depth. When opting for gray walls, it’s essential to incorporate contrasting elements to prevent the space from feeling flat or monotonous. Consider pairing dark gray walls with crisp white trim for a striking contrast that highlights architectural features. Alternatively, light gray walls can be accentuated with darker elements such as richly colored furniture or almost black window trim. Experimenting with contrasts allows you to create a dynamic and visually appealing environment.

  1. Picking a charcoal? Add a little blue. Charcoal gray is a popular choice for creating a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. However, without careful consideration, it can appear dull or lackluster. To enhance the richness of charcoal gray, consider selecting a shade with a subtle hint of blue undertones. This touch of blue adds depth and dimension to the color, giving it a slightly steely appearance that exudes elegance and refinement.
  2. Overwhelmed? Call in the Pros. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the plethora of gray options available or unsure about which shade will best suit your home, don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance. Painting experts, such as CertaPro Painters®, offer complimentary consultations to help homeowners navigate the selection process. Whether you need advice on choosing the right shade of gray or assistance with coordinating colors throughout your home, professionals can provide valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Bonus tip: Is it “gray” or “grey?” Either! Gray is the more popular spelling in the U.S., while the U.K. prefers grey. Both come from the Old English word grǽg, and grey became popular in the early eighteenth century. Around 1825, American writers started spelling the word with an a, and the trend has continued ever since.

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Selecting the perfect gray for your home requires careful consideration of undertones, existing decor, and the desired atmosphere. By paying attention to these factors and following these tips, you can confidently choose a gray paint that enhances your space and reflects your personal style. And if you need additional assistance or guidance along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to painting professionals like CertaPro Painters® for expert advice and support.

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