6 Tips that Make Home Decorating a Snap
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6 Tips that Make Home Decorating a Snap

Posted on August 8, 2017

Sometimes homeowners put off redecorating because making color choices is just too overwhelming. As a result, walls, ceilings and trim are painted the same colors again and again – safe, but not exciting. Here are six tips that can help you move away from “colors as usual” to make redecorating your home a truly delightful experience.

To start, select the one room in your home that is most in need of a pick-me-up. Then choose one of these tips to help you work some color magic. We predict you’ll love both the process and the result, and that a colorful makeover of your next room won’t be far behind.


1 Mix it up

Placing vintage furniture against a lively modern color brings out the best in both.



2 Add a splash

Want to enjoy a bold stroke of beauty without overpowering a room? Introduce painted furniture.



3 Create a frame

Paint just a portion of a wall in a color that complements your favorite artwork.



4 Fall in love

In at least one room in your home, surround yourself with the color you love most. You’ll never tire of it.



5 Make an entrance

Using the same color trim from room to room allows different wall colors to transition beautifully.



6 Double up

Two different shades of the same color create visual interest in a room.