Tween and Teen Rooms
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Tween and Teen Rooms

Posted on July 13, 2017

A space of their own: Unique rooms for tweens and teens

Remember how much fun it was to decorate your baby’s nursery? And how satisfying it was to modify that special room as your child grew and eventually entered elementary school? By the time children reach the tween or teens years, though, the need to have a special retreat – a place that reflects their unique personality and taste – becomes an important part of their evolving identity. The rooms below are creative examples of how you can make that decorating transformation happen.






So striking yet so simple, this charming bedroom makes a statement through bold color and clean design. An eye-catching yellow band on the walls cleverly ties all the elements of the room together.

Perfect for the sea-loving boy, this imaginative room starts with calm blue walls and ceiling and crisp white woodwork. Easy-to-apply wall decals and stickers complete the theme.






Vivid wall colors project personality-plus in this former nursery, while fanciful fabrics and stenciled circles reinforce the happy feelings this room evokes. It’s amazing what a little imagination and new paint colors can do!

Distinctive metal trim, drawers and accessories make this top-floor room a unique getaway for the teen in this family. Tones of blue on walls, floor and window keep the space “cool” and inviting at any time of the year.






Favorite artwork is the inspiration, both in color and style, for this bedroom redecorating project. Here, gold, rich blue and brilliant white combine to create a charming space that’s personal, bright and comfortable.

Team colors set the tone for this football fan’s freshly painted retreat. The signature red of the team logo is found not only on the repainted bookcase, but also on the decorative wall stripes.