Sunroom Paint Makeovers: Brighten up Your Sunny Spot
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Sunroom Paint Makeovers: Brighten up Your Sunny Spot

Posted on June 11, 2019

  • There’s not a ton of wall real estate when it comes to selecting sunroom colors, so it’s important that every surface works extra hard to achieve your dream home sunroom.
  • Neutral paint colors are a wise choice when considering painting your sunroom to keep things bright and airy while embracing the natural light and beauty coming from outside.
  • Natural light can really reveal a color’s undertones, so it’s important to test and learn how swatches look within your sunroom before starting your painting project.

Sunrooms are gems. If you’re lucky enough to have one, chances are it has become an interior joy for you to spend time in. A sunroom, sun parlor, sun lounge, sun porch, solarium––whatever you want to call it––is the perfect space for relaxing outdoors without actually being there. With windows galore, a well-designed and painted sunroom breathes life and energy into your interior.

Natural light should always be considered when you’re thinking through a paint color scheme, especially for your sunroom where light is abundant. All that natural light means that you’ll have to be smart about selecting a paint color for your professional interior painting project. And depending on how large of windows you have, there may not be a ton of wall space to play with. You’ll want to make every bit of it work hard in your space to create a beautiful finished product.

The team at CertaPro Painters® can help fine-tune the best paint colors for your sunroom and skillfully apply your chosen color, or colors, so all that light won’t expose any painting imperfections that can result from a DIY job. Leave it to the experts to professionally paint your sunroom into a space where you can curl up with a good book and iced cold glass of lemonade.

Embrace Neutral Colors for Minimal Space

It’s rare that you have a sunroom that is a large-sized interior space (we’re extra jealous if you do!). For this reason, we typically suggest selecting a neutral painting color palette for spaces that may be size-challenged. The best color choice for sunrooms may be using all of the colors together at once: white!

Sunrooms are an extension of the outside, so a light and peaceful vibe is what most people are looking to achieve through design. Using a shade of white for the walls, ceiling and window trim works in a bright and sunny space. You can even carry it through to your furniture selection and curtains. An airy white curtain made of light fabric will let that beautiful sunlight shine through and not distract from your views.

White colors are some of Benjamin Moore’s most popular interior paint colors. Take a look at Simply White (OC-117), Cloud White (OC-130), Calm (OC-22), Swiss Coffee (OC-45), and Wind’s Breath (OC-24) for some of the best white paint for a sunroom. Consider these your white starter pack. They suit tranquil, serene environments and are endlessly versatile to build an interior palette with. A white color can even reflect the colors of your trees and surrounding foliage as they change with each season.

“When a sunroom is painted all white you are adding a fresh and clean look to a room in your home that already receives a lot of light. The white walls and ceiling can increase the reflection of light in the space without removing what you really want out of a sunroom– a sunny spot to enjoy your day!” says Lorena Streb, owner of CertaPro Painters® of Baltimore, MD.

If you go all white for your color palette, you have the ability to introduce accent colors into room decor. Select some bright and colorful interior planters, pillows, or rugs. You can double down on neutrals for decor if you don’t want to go bold and punchy for your accents. Introducing some soft hues throughout the rest of your room will keep the focus on what’s on the other side of your windows.

A white color selection for a sunroom also pairs well with natural elements like wood, bricks, and stones that you can incorporate into your space to bring some of the outside, inside. White will jive well with natural furniture choices like wood, bamboo, wicker, or teak. Those materials are smart choices for sunroom decor. They’re a step up from patio furniture, but still make a room feel light and casual––just as a sunroom should be.

Another way to build a color palette around white is to introduce its opposite: black. Keep the walls and ceiling a white shade and select black for any window or door trim. It’s a chic combo that plays well with a minimalist style.

Look to Benjamin Moore’s Black Magic (SW 6911), Inkwell (SW 6992), and Bohemian Black (SW 6988) for inspiration. We love a black and white painting palette in a sunroom full of plants. Plants not only thrive in that sunroom sunshine, but also bring in some deep greens to the palette that make this color scheme rich and moody. Introducing some inspiration from nature continues to blur that line between the interior and exterior of your home.

Light and White Paint

White isn’t always just white. This becomes especially apparent when natural light is introduced into the equation. A sunroom full of light will show your white’s true colors, or undertones. A white color swatch may look like pure white until you start comparing it to other whites. Next to each other, you’ll notice how whites differ from one another––you may notice a bit of green or a hint of red, for example. Those colors that reveal themselves are called undertones. Natural light has a big impact on the undertones that come out of a color.

Cool white sunroom paint colors by Sherwin Williams like Rhinestone (SW 7656), Spare White (SW 6203), and Site White (SW 7070) are crisp and modern with blue, green, and violet undertones. Warm whites like Antique White (SW 6119), Navajo White (SW6126), and Divine White (SW 6105) carry undertones of yellow and reds that create an inviting glow.

The best advice we have when considering how the lighting of your sunroom may impact the paint color is to take your color swatches into the room itself. Tack it on the wall and visit it during different parts of the day to see how the light is changing the appearance of the color. The direction your room faces even plays a role in the different colors the sunlight can bring into your room. For example, morning sunlight tends to be warmer because it’s lower on the horizon while a midday sun at its hottest temperature can cast a more bluish light. The direction and duration of light changes the way colors will appear.

The experts at CertaPro Painters® can provide you a free estimate for your sunroom painting project and assist with color selection that takes into account all these lighting details. It’ll be a professional painting project that takes into complete consideration the many unique aspects of your space.

For Those Craving Some More Color…

If you’re one of those people that’s never going to be a neutral-color-scheme kind of person, fear not. Introducing a bright painting color palette into your sunroom can be just as beautiful as the plants and flowers on the other side of the windows.

Yellow is a popular color choice that plays off the room’s namesake. Take a look at Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4) or a more saturated Dorset Gold (HC-8). A yellow hue is the way to go if you want to double down on the sunshine. If you’re looking for a more earthy color palette, we love the pastels Palladian Blue (HC-144) and Saybrook Sage (HC-114). Those two work great together with a pastel pink like Proposal (AF-260) to round out a soft, calming color palette. It’s not too overpowering to distract from the beautiful views, but it’s bright enough to add just enough personality to the space.

It’s time to make your sunroom feel just as cozy as the rest of your interior living spaces. Give the team at CertaPro Painters® a call. Get in touch today at 1-800-689-7271 or schedule a free estimate online so you can admire what’s outside from the comfort of your welcoming sunroom.