How to Get White Just Right
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How to Get White Just Right

Posted on March 12, 2019

In the paint world, there are literally hundreds of different shades of white. Narrowing down all these options to a shade that works in your space and for your aesthetic can prove to be quite a stressful ordeal.

Most people assume that the color white means just that, white. However, this dominant color should not be taken lightly. Not every white is right for every application and with paint colors like Sugar CookieCake BatterFrench Macaroon, and White Chocolate by Benjamin Moore, one ends up craving a decadent treat rather than feeling prepared to choose a paint color!

Sorting through the types of white paint color that are best for your home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If you have the right information and the right tools to navigate the white paint world then the process can be quick, easy and even fun with the end result being a space that feels fresh and new.

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary or ever-evolving, selecting the right white can be the starting point for letting your interior design ideas come to life and it’s the perfect backdrop for letting your creativity shine.

First, let’s cover some basic information about this multipurpose color. Read on to find out how you too can select the perfect white and use it in your next painting project.

Things to Consider For Your Next Painting Project

Although this color essentially creates a blank canvas when used, there are things to keep in mind when considering painting a room white.

Lighting: First and foremost you want to consider the natural light source of your space. A room with a lot of windows, like a large family or dining room, will receive a lot of sunlight so you should consider a cooler shade of white.

For areas where you have a lot of cold and gloomy weather, choosing a warmer shade of white will offset that dreariness that may be seeping in.

A good rule of thumb: when taking into account the type of natural light your space gets, test out any color you are considering and see how it looks in the morning, afternoon, and evening daylight. This will help give you an idea of what to expect.

Preparation: If covering up minor imperfections on your walls is one of the goals when having a room painted (and it should be), then the proper steps should be taken prior to starting the project.

By patching up any holes and clean up dust, dirt or smudges that are visible, you will see a smooth and successful finish once the painting is complete. Preparation, especially when using white in your home, is key to a great paint job.

Furniture and Decor: Undeniably, one of the best features of white paint is its ability to give you complete freedom to experiment with fabrics, textures, patterns and materials. Once you’ve chosen a white paint that suits your taste, make sure it meshes properly with your overall decor and design concept.

For a warmer white on the walls try anchoring it with natural wood elements in decorative pieces like a coffee table, large framed mirror or even a jute rug. Scatter other metals throughout your living room to bring balance to the space while also keeping it light and fresh.

For a cooler white consider using a variety of shades throughout the room. Use a crisp white with soft gray undertones on the walls and creamy white tones on furniture like your buffet or china cabinet. Doing this in your dining room will help it feel inviting and comfortable without feeling overly pristine.

Selling: Though it may not be in your current plans to relocate or sell your home — when you are ready, one of the best things you can do from a real estate perspective is to give your potential new homeowners a blank canvas to work with.

Once your furniture and belongings are boxed up, consider letting CertaPro Painters® come in to paint one, two, or all the rooms of your home.

This fresh coat of paint will not only show up better in pictures on sites like Zillow and Trulia, but it can be the difference between a house that stays on the market for only a few days versus a few months!

Now don’t think a stark white is your only option. A softer interior white like Sherwin-Williams Whitetail has just the right amount of warmth to make even an empty space feel inviting.

If you want something with a little more depth consider Alabaster White, SW’s color of the year for 2016. This shade is the perfect balance between a cool white and warm white paint color and can transcend between the two to give new homeowners freedom to experiment with any type of interior design.

Where White Works Best

White can work in nearly every kind of space; however, there are certain areas that suit the different shades of white paint.

Bathrooms: Nothing says “so fresh and so clean” like an all white bathroom. Don’t let the monochromatic look scare you! Play around with light fixtures, hardware, and add in small pops of fresh greenery to make the space feel tranquil and serene while also having a bit of dimension.

If you want a bit more personality, but still like the idea of an all white space, take things up a notch by choosing a marble stone sink and shower tile for just the right amount of subtlety without the monotony.

Small Spaces: Rooms and hallways that are of a smaller square footage benefit immensely from a fresh coat of white paint. The small space immediately feels larger thanks to the color white having the ability to amplify the light within the room. This little trick will give you the sense that the room is a lot more open and spacious than it really is.

For hallways, a space that already feels very tight, white is the perfect color to use so you and your guests don’t feel constrained. Consider this expanding shade not just on the walls of a hallway but with a white ceiling to really open up the space.

Kitchens: An all white kitchen is the classic home trend that will never go out of style. White has the ability to promote happiness and purity and it is commonly associated with cleanliness, which makes it the perfect color choice for your kitchen.

Consider painting the walls and cabinetry in varying shades of white and use accessories, glassware and fun accents to elevate the look. When paired with bold hardware and statement lighting, an all white kitchen goes from bland to glam in the same time it takes to boil a pot of water — which you won’t mind doing in your updated space!

What’s best about an all white kitchen is you have the freedom to change things up throughout the year and to suit your every mood. Consider adding pastel accents and fresh flowers in the spring or swap them out for pumpkins and fall foliage to bring the warmth of outside in.

No matter what accent pieces and varying textures you choose, they will pop against an all white kitchen for a look that expresses your personality, effortlessly.

Paint the Exterior of Your Home White

Ready to step up your curb appeal and wow your neighbors? Then using exterior white paint colors is the way to do it!

Whether your home has a coastal feel or speaks to more of a farmhouse aesthetic, incorporating white on the outside of your residence will be the refresh you never knew you needed!

Picture a dark colored roof, all white exterior and just the right pop of color on your shutters and front door. Add in some boxwoods and freshly planted flowers and it’s like a brand new home!

An all white exterior creates a classic, timeless look that you’ll surely never regret. But you don’t have to commit to painting your entire home in this reflective hue.

For a home whose architectural features make it stand out, consider a darker shade as the dominant color and use white on features you would really like to see pop. Things like pillars, shutters, and trim will finally get the attention they deserve.

Still Wondering Where to Begin?

No matter which direction you wish to go in, whether you paint one room or change the entire exterior of your home, white is the transitional, adaptive color that makes decorating feel like a breeze.

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options that white offers, there are professionals available to help you get the job done!

Contact one of our CertaPro Painters® Color Consultants so they can guide you in the right direction and make choosing a white paint easy and seamless!