Good Tasting and Great Taste

Posted on July 13, 2017

Good Tasting and Great Taste

Finding colors for your kitchen that are appetizing to the eyes.

Your kitchen gets a ton of use. It seems like most of us use our kitchens not just for preparing food and eating dinner, but as our family business center, homework station, and do-everything room. It’s no wonder that we put so much effort into selecting the right finishes and colors for this essential space.

A full renovation can be time-consuming, invasive, and expensive. If, rather than major renovation, your kitchen is ready for a freshening, look to wall color as an affordable, fast way to make the room more appetizing.

Don’t pick colors that will cast unflattering hues on your food or family.

Don’t: Worry if your kitchen walls are mostly covered by cabinetry.

Do: Remember the “fifth wall” – your ceiling! You can keep your walls – and what little of them may be exposed – a light neutral while adding a punch of color to the ceiling. This is a great way to help define the kitchen as a special environment. Consider the color carefully, as light bouncing against the ceiling will add a subtle hue to everything in the room much like a colored light bulb.

Don’t: Pick colors that will cast unflattering hues on your food or family. In the relatively tight confines of a kitchen, colors bouncing off of walls and ceilings can negatively influence how we see what we’re eating.

Do: Go with warm tones. The easiest colors to use successfully in a kitchen – and pair with most cabinetry – are warmer tones like creams and browns. Have your heart set on a blue or green kitchen? You can absolutely pull it off, but opt for very dark (like navy), very light (like mist), or very desaturated (like a steely blue).

Don’t: Think that white kitchens are boring. They definitely are not, and using the proper white can brighten a gloomy room.

Do: Consider making your kitchen crisp, white, and clean. But be sure to use the right white paint. Your CertaPro representative can help you choose a white that is perfect for your space and reflects light into the room beautifully.

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