What Is Millennial Pink? The New Home Painting Trend You Should Embrace
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What Is Millennial Pink? The New Home Painting Trend You Should Embrace

Posted on July 5, 2018

There aren’t many colors that can function as both a neutral and a personal statement. You might imagine shades of navy, taupe, ivory, white, brown, and black as good examples. But what about pink? Specifically, this shade “Millennial Pink” that has taken home decorating by storm?

Pink is an increasingly common decor choice in every room of the home and is starting to pop up a lot in exterior paint schemes as well. The specific shade known to the internet generation as “Millennial Pink” is getting the most attention lately, and this is a trend that just might stick. Whether you are looking for a neutral shade to backdrop a room or a bold accent to add some pop, Millennial Pink is a solid color option for anyone’s home in any generation.

What Is Millennial Pink?

Millennial Pink is a bit hard to pin down. It’s not salmon, it’s not neon pink, and it’s definitely not fuschia. Some describe it as a grayish-pink, while others describe is as more of a rosy peach.

But what’s interesting about Millennial Pink is how its gray and/or peach tones make it appropriate for both warm and cool color schemes. It’s light enough to function as a neutral but bright enough to warm up a room decorated in white or ivory. The color also pairs well with black, dark gray, and some shades of brown.

How Millennial Pink Took Over The World

It’s tempting to think that Millennial Pink is just a fad that will be in and out of our homes in record time, but this unique color has cultivated a permanent spot in the wider culture over the last several years.

It’s difficult to trace the origins of Millennial Pink. Pantone, the printing company that more or less decides what colors are in and out, named Rose Quartz (a very similar shade to Millennial Pink) as Color of the Year in 2016. From there, the shade started showing up in Starbucks Frappuccinos (try the Strawberry and Cream for the pink fix you’ve been looking for), and the newest Disney MagicBands. Apple has embraced the trend in iPhone cases, and even avocado toast, a Millennial favorite, was recently ousted by, you guessed it, Millennial Pink toast.

The color has infiltrated the fashion, tech, and home goods industries, and has even made its way to the breakfast table. It wasn’t long before it started growing in demand among home decorators and professional painters as well.

“Designers consider Millennial Pink the new neutral – a new take on white or beige,” Abbie O’Brien of CertaPro Painters® says. “With pink becoming common and mainstream in fashion and consumer goods like phones and accessories, we’re seeing more homeowners willing to explore Millennial Pink.”

Ideas For Trying Out Millennial Pink In Your Home

Are you wondering where you could use Millennial Pink in your home? First, think about what you love when it comes to color. Don’t choose a shade simply because it’s “in.” If you would like to spruce up your home with a trendy and new neutral that isn’t quite as traditional as beige or ivory, pink will definitely fit the bill.

Consider a rosy gray for your exterior paint. This will fit into many neighborhoods, whether the local homeowners tend to feature traditional colors or take some risks with fun hues (of course, you will need to check with your HOA, but some of these pinks are classic enough that they might make it into the list of colors allowed by your association!). You might also consider dressing up a white, beige, or brown home with pinkish-peach shutters.

Using Millennial Pink as an interior paint color can really make your home shine. Consider adding it to a powder room, a den, or even a home office. Of course, it would be great as a backdrop color or as an accent wall in a bedroom or living room, too. If you really love pink, you might even consider a blush rose to warm up your kitchen.

An exterior or interior painting professional can show you swatches and photos to help you decide which shade of Millennial Pink is right for you.

We’ll Help You Pick The Right Color

CertaPro Painters® offers a free estimate to homeowners in your area who are interested in adding a fresh coat of interior or exterior paint to their homes. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation appointment. We can show you what shade of pink (or any other color you desire) would go best with your home give you a fair price quote. You have nothing to lose, so get in touch with us today!